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I find this incredibly peaceful even to watch. Like going back to an old countryside cabin, high grass everywhere, dust, silence. The best part in humans is when they leave it seems.

There was a documentary (from ~2008) about the red forest. Vets, biologist, oncologist investigating the state of life there. Plants and animals came back. They (and I) expected crippled mutated species but so far they were fine. The claim was after a few years, radiation resistant (to the nowadays amount) species survived, X-men - Bambi edition, leaving me wondering how much we could learn from that about nature and life-forms resilience. In the case these claims are correct and solid.

> we are the fastest creators of complexity

I like that definition. I also tend to define humans as having a large spectrum of scale interactions. We explored and sensed from nanoscopic to cosmic.

Isn't this the lesson about the `disruption` trend we've seen in the previous years. Everybody comes with a cheaper idea, that is actually just doing less while we forgot how much was done in what we thought was too high priced. Saying that after reviewing all that major Airplanes (vs RyanAir) gave you in a flight, food, blankets, gifts, music with weirdly shaped earphones, special magazines... of course we don't use it all the time, but the fact that it is ensured is what makes the cost.

It's not as sensitive as riding in a stranger car with no information about him whatsoever. But the basic idea is the same: we have to be honest and take in account the whole system when comparing.

"No information about him whatsoever"

Please use factual information if you're going to converse. You have more information on an Uber driver than a taxi driver. Picture, licence number, accessible GPS location and drivers rating.

I spoke too fast, but this is not field information. How much pressure and constraints does he have to be a Uber driver beside the ratings ? It's not his main job, can't he quit any time he wants? how much hours does he have ? When a company hire someone they're at risk, it's a natural force to ensure both of them are able to service a client.

I'm unsure what point you're trying to make, would you mind expanding?

I distrust the underlying forces structuring light new businesses like Uber. When the entry cost is too low, people have no reason to put real effort. On the other side of the spectrum, Parisian cabs suffer from too high entry cost, AFAIU they have to work "hard" for a long time before they can reimburse the licence. And that contrast is what's causing the violence.

Okay I understand. The rating system does a good job to resolve that issue. Under a 4.7 and you are not allowed to drive on the system (IIRC). Personally I've experienced, and talked to ~50+ people, who have experienced a far superior service using Uber than alternatives.

Market differentiation is a powerful reason.

I expected a vertical equivalent of this machine.

They keep rebranding it. It feels like Java. Based on that, Watson will be a success, but not where it was intended to.

Yep, soon as Rich Hickey gets around to writing a Lisp for it. Wonder what he'll call it though. Clotson? Watjure? Wisp?

The less we understand the more we think about it the more we attach ourselves to it ?

And beyond that the most amazing part is the bias we have in this regard. Doctors fail too, most of the time accidentally (fatigue, stress, collaboration issues, lack of information,...) but some time out of hubris. Got to see this myself: one doctor told a condition required removing an organ, another one told what was wanted to be heard, guess which doctor had the job and what was the result ?

The controller fail got me smiling:


Few things animals did that had me sitting:

# Instant group work, two monkeys having to analyse a situation to pull ropes (all rigged by researchers of course) with the right choreography to free some food. One came, saw that pulling either end alone wouldn't cut it, call his buddy, they look at each other and the rig for a second, then split each to its own end, synchronize then pull, profit. The 'no brainer' attiude killed me.

# Crows 'reverse engineering' and social hacking: https://www.google.com/?gws_rd=ssl#q=ted+talk+crows

# Pity bargaining, a puppy lab trying to guilt trip us into letting her go outside after being reprimanded

# An octopuss mother heating its eggs until near death, saving her last forces to swim as far away as possible so her dead body wouldn't attract predators. The sacrifice got me emotional.

# The 'lion hugging its savior' video on youtube. That lion looked overwhelmed... More human than a Disney antropomorphic lion character. Just thinking about it warms my heart.

None of this is abstract enough for us to stop thinking we're not above. I'll agree that I've never seen an animal contemplating the world the way humans do. But maybe there's no point in doing it and we're just full of ourselves :)

I didn't even realized it was Conal Elliott. You're all invited (one at a time) to visit his blog and enjoy the ride. http://conal.net/blog/

Especially if you're into Functional Reactive Programming, rendering, etc, ...

His [re]definition of 3d rendering was gold: http://conal.net/blog/posts/3d-rendering-as-functional-react...


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