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If you have a small business that needs a site, but your not savy to do it yourself, you ask a developer to build you a wordpress site. You know that even if said developer is gone in a few years, enough people know wordpress that it can be maintained..

Kind of a shame. I use itunes mac daily and I feel they've really did a great job with the UI. It has a little learning curve. I have a lot of songs and making/ adding to my current playlist is pretty easy and powerful.

music for ios is another story...

Hopefully this 1.0 and they'll improve.

1) Available on most platforms (editing a file on the server.. emacs) 2) Its programable. You can store and replay key commands. I use this frequently to reformat data.. 3) Steep Learning curve, but its fast once learned. Its hard to learn and takes a while. The basics are pretty straight forward, but not entirely intuitive. 4) Its extensible. Though I find it hard to manage add ons. I use Org mode, but sometime have trouble remembering all the key commands. 5)Dired. Look up files and open.

For large projects I end up using the JetBrains IDEs. I think the "knowledge" of the project provides good insight. I think there are add ons to Emacs that will do the same thing. I haven't tried them. If I have to just open a file and edit, I'm happier in Emacs. I wish the IDE's would let you "bring your own editor"

If your happy with sublime keep using it.

As someone who didn't use whois privacy initially, I can tell you at some point the span started coming, in paper and electronic form. since I changed to use it not so much spam.

They shouldn't get rid of this.


Speaking of time..

I inherited a bug that only showed up the last 5 minutes of an hour. Except I didn't know that. The first time I worked on it, I reproduced the error but before I got the debugger started the time went by and the new hour caused the bug to go away...(why does this bug not show when the debugger is on?)

Eventually by hand tracing I figured it out.. Some weird time function was rounding the minutes to the nearest 10 minutes. When the time crept past 55 minutes rounded up to 60 and passed to a time function that didn't like...

Only bug that was harder was a serial cable with flipped wires. Which kinda worked, but gave out garbage. We figured that out with a scope.


probably a "real" apple tree. Most apple varieties are created by grafting a branch of an existing variety onto a new tree. Thats why despite genetic variation, they taste pretty much the same.



It's not my experience that apple varieties in the grocery taste "pretty much the same." Maybe you meant something else?

Apple trees are grafted because the best-tasting varietals don't form the most hardy root system. You put the good-tasting apple tree on top and the hardy strain on the bottom (to become the roots)


Each variety tastes the same (a golden delicious apple tastes like other golden delicious apples). The grafting does that among other things "Maintain consistency". A hardy root system that you mention is one.

I started looking into it because my dad has a giant apple tree thats much bigger than the ones I've seen in an orchard, but the apples taste surprisingly bitter.

I guess another reason they like grafting is the trees stay smaller and its easier to pick the fruit.


This is so true. As someone who worked at a company that did power monitioring and wanted to (and did) expand into thermostat control.

1) Reliable internet isn't everywhere, it cuts out a bit.

2) A lot of internet enabled thermostats are just not that great at reconnecting when the eventually loose their connection.

Though to be fair the thermostats generally will just continue on the normal schedule if they loose connectivity.

The company ended up using on a different wireless protocol to talk from the base station to the thermostats. (z-wave or zigbee fwiw).

Ironically we had a 80s error programmable thermostat in the office, which worked pretty well.


I would hope so, unless there is some monkey business with the SSL Certs like the "superfish".

A lot of pages aren't https yet though.


AFAIK Mozilla is trying to make https certificates free for everyone.

Edit: Here's the link: https://letsencrypt.org


Superfish was because the laptop manufacturer bundled adware which added its own root certificate that was broken, they aren't able to add root certificates in this case.


Unless its something they require on their phones as a carrier ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Another option would be to use the language called "R". I'm fairly new to it but its pretty much a programming language for math. Lots of libraries. Great programmatic graphing capability (ggplot2). Easy to dump file data into it.

In my lab a lot of biologists run there data with it. I think something like 80% of the graphs they publish are created in it. Better then excel in my opinion.

R, and Rstudio is what I've been using.


Student Loans are not like loans for tangible things (homes and cars). When you default on your student loan they don't take your diploma back. You keep your degree, the increased earning potential. You keep your experiences and education.

Student loans are a complex web of federal guarantees, but if basic capitalism works, by defaulting you are going to make it more expensive for the next students, who have to pay more to cover the defaulters. Some students won't be able to afford it with the added interest rates.

Seems his education helped him be successful. So why should he pay for it?

"Lee Siegel is the author of five books who is writing a memoir about money."


>Student loans are a complex web of federal guarantees, but if basic capitalism works, by defaulting you are going to make it more expensive for the next students, who have to pay more to cover the defaulters.

Not defaulting also seems to have the effect of driving costs up for the next students.


> Student Loans are not like loans for tangible things (homes and cars).

When they take your home or car back, they don't take back your experiences and memories you gained while enjoying those items.


They can resell homes and cars and get monetary value from them. Diplomas not so much.



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