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Disclosure: I work for WebEngage.

The same question also applies to "how is WebEngage survey different from Qualaroo?"

Here's how we present our case:

1. WebEngage products can be "targeted" at certain audience segments based on a lot on in-built criterion like URL patterns, geography, cookies, traffic source etc - http://webengage.com/survey#targeting

2. Very recently, we took targeting to the next level by allowing application specific properties in our rule builder. Here's more - http://blog.webengage.com/2012/12/08/custom-targeting-launch...

3. WebEngage works via a JS widget code which is a one-time integration. All knobs and controls sit in the WebEngage Dashboard and for any new notifications or surveys that need to be run, customers don't need to change any code on their website.

4. Our reporting and analytics matches the best BI tools out there - http://webengage.com/survey#reports


point 3. neat


inspirational !


Well, so you are able to create notifications from your twitter/fb/linkedin etc. Few use-cases are well discussed in the post and I am sure their are many more. Also, it mentions "We’ll be adding complete customization capabilities (colors, targeting etc) to Notification." So there is going to be a layer of targeting. (see this http://webengage.com/features/survey-and-lead-generation | first para talks about targeting) Analytics around notification displays, clicks etc are going to be very insightful, I am sure.


Apt suggestion, I thought of it too !



This works amazingly well. Brilliant !


Exactly what is pointed out in the post. Why would someone want to hide the original referrer for a link.


That's not the only thing they're doing...


Seems they're going down the annoying search visitors by hiding information route (similar to what expertsexchange was riled on for, although not quite as bad yet).


Congrats, I have worked with errorception, found it really useful.



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