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Related, Intel was showing off Thunderbolt Share at CES[1]. Allows Thunderbolt 4/5 device-to-device transfer of files. Theoretical speeds in the 20Gbps and 40Gbps for Thunderbolt four and five respective.

One idea for why they were only able to reach 11Gbps is having only one Thunderbolt/USB4 controller[2], meaning the two USB4 ports split the 40Gbps PCIe lane. Throw in a full-duplex connection and you get 10Gbps in one direction.

[1] https://youtu.be/GqCwLjhb4YY?t=81 [2] Just a theory but seems like a sane assumption.

Great find! Seems to be a common issue with games, found the same issue with trying to auto play PICO-8 cartrages on web.

Firefox prevents audio from playing with no initial user interaction like a play button. Can see the warning if you pop open the dev console. Don't know of workaround besides sites not creating an AudioContext on page load.

Edit: Keyboard input does not work :/ it was a good effort.

Found a workaround throw it in an iFrame and have the frame load with a user interaction. Here is a jsFiddle link, just click "Run" after the page loads.


Keyboard may not work, but a controller did! Still, A for effort :)

I there a way to turn on audio? I'm on chrome and do not have audio either

You can explicitly allow it in Site Settings, and then reload the page. For me, I click the little button (looks like sliders) to the left of the URL, Site Settings, and then scroll down to change Site Audio to "Allow".

Little late but though I would say hi. I too got started programming thanks to Minecraft. My first real job was working at Overcast Network (oc.tc). I remember having to scale out our infrastructure to seven dedicated servers after a popular YouTuber featured us. At the time that felt crazy for a Minecraft server and here you are now with hundreds of servers. Huge congrats on scaling to where you are today.

Have lots of fond memories of those early years, especially Minecon 2013.

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