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Yes, it's legal to smoke inside an apartment, so long as your lease doesn't disallow it for example.

Even for complexes where it's disallowed, good luck getting it enforced. I get weed smoke coming in through the ventilation system from who knows where in my completely non-smoking building on a regular basis.

Actually was the same before legalization too, and hasn't really increased, so this is sort of a non sequitur.

If your landlord fails to enforce the lease agreement, you can probably use that to get out of the lease. Our complex recently had people complaining about this very thing and they have started getting much stricter about it thank goodness.

You probably can't, unless your agreement expressly obliges the landlord to enforce the rule against other people rather merely than requiring you to follow the rule as a condition of being permitted to rent the apartment. This would be an unusual lease agreement.

In Colorado, many communities have started to actually enforce this, in the same way that repeated noise violations can lead to eviction or non-renewal. Now that it's no longer a police issue, and just an "inconsiderate prick" issue, property managers can address it in house.

I'm an Apple fan, and I am unhappy with the state of software, but I wouldn't go so far as to say that I hate Apple software.

I am also not nearly disgruntled enough to even consider switching platforms to something else (like Linux for example).

No matter the platform people will always have gripes and issues with the software. It's amazing how much choice we all have these days, and it's simply not possible to cater to everyone's whims.

I feel like over the last couple of years the landscape has changed tremendously, and what once may have been a simple blog post that mostly got ignored the news can spread further and wider than ever before. Things that are simple complaints of "I wish this worked better" now get twisted and restated as "X hates Y".

I'm running on a 2012 Mac Mini Core i7 with 16GB of ram with a spinning rust hard drive.

El Capitan has sped up the OS for me compared to the previous OS X release. Yosemite was so bad that I found myself avoiding using my Mac Mini instead using my rMBP with an SSD because the Mac Mini just felt so incredibly slow. With El Capitan they feel similar to me. Certain disk operations of course are slower, but overall the usability has increased under El Capitan versus Yosemite.

Based upon informal replies on Twitter when I posted about my upgrade experience, I wasn't the only one that noticed a distinct speedup compared to Yosemite on older hardware.

I had the battery swelling in my 2007 Macbook Pro in 2013, and they happily replaced the battery for me. So in 2013 I had a 2007 Macbook Pro with a brand new battery =)

Also, at the time it had some ridiculously low cycle count due to a bug in the batteries firmware.

That's what I don't tell anyone what my previous salary was. I am looking for X dollars per hour, do you have anything for me in that range? Yes or no...

That's it. I'll generally let them know it is open to negotiation as well.

Yep, but you are allowed to use only 16 of them. Check the configurable address range.

I wish it was supported within Safari, my preferred browser on OS X.

I think support is necessary at the server level, not at the browser level.

U2F[0] requires browser support, and currently only Chrome supports it. Microsoft's Edge and Firefox are expected to support it "soon".

[0]: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Universal_2nd_Factor

Transparent scrubbing would be awesome, have CloudFlare advertise my networks, then CloudFlare on the backend sends the clean traffic to me...

Can do it with peering with CloudFlare directly, or even if that is not possible MPLS on the backend to direct the traffic to where it needs to go.

OVH has their DDoS system sitting in front of their entire network. VPS and grown-up physical servers...

Apache Traffic Server is what is used in Comcast's CDN.



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