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That would be nice. It's such an easy defense for companies to say: this is what the market pays.


Do you backup changed photos in iOS?

How do you backup a slow motion video on iOS? Synology exports, meaning your 240fps video becomes a 30fps video.

Immich retains the 240fps.

Yes, we do backup updated photos.

Just tested out a slow-motion video on iOS, we unfortunately don't retain the transformation.

On the brighter side of things, it's just a transformation. We are retaining the original file as is. So will look into how Immich is handling this format. Thanks for bringing this up!

Speaking of iOS and the associated hardware, an immediate dealbreaker for me in terms of daily usage is the clipping to sRGB.

This stuck ut immediately to me trying the app out, which made me read about it on your blog[0]. Oddly, when accessing Ente on the web (Safari on a Mac), the thumbnails look right but the full view is sRGB.

I understand Flutter has made some progress in this department [1], but I guess there's more going on here?

The fundamentals of the project look absolutely great! Hope to become a user very soon.

[0]https://ente.io/blog/tech/display-p3/ [1]https://github.com/flutter/flutter/issues/55092#issuecomment...

Oh no. If you keep the 240fps video, that is what a backup is. Which is what I want.

How it's played is not a concern of the backup tool. It is a concern of the player.

Synology exports. So I record something at 240fps, and then the file uploaded is 30fps. That's not a backup.

It's like when you backup a photoshop PSD. You want a backup of the PSD, not a flattened PNG.

To double check, I just recorded a slow-motion video, downloaded it from Ente to my desktop, ran `ffmpeg -i FILE.MOV`, and the stream info says:


Stream #0:0[0x1](und): Video: hevc (Main) (hvc1 / 0x31637668), yuv420p(tv, bt709), 1920x1080, 78644 kb/s, 239.70 fps, 240 tbr, 2400 tbn (default)


Yea. That's correct.

I think it would be cool for the player to recognize a 240fps video and allow it to play slow mo. But again, that's a client responsibly.

What I am most looking forward to is future changes in development speed. I wish the report tracked the changes over time. Were they committed as-is (which is a metric to the local quality of the suggestion) and how long does it survive (which is a metric to the global quality of the code).

> why can’t we just dump a file of what we need to bill on S3, and have a CRON job pick it up and collect payment?

Sounds like an engineer with not enough experience. We all did thought like this once.

This is a solved problem. Don't roll your own queue / job system where you inevitably run into transactional problems. Use something like Airflow.

And mentioning S3 in this sentence has no value. S3 is merely a way to store the data temporarily. But using S3 immediately makes us not consider (more suitable) alternatives.

Here's a test. Google something like 'flat tow jeep'.

Now read the first 10 'articles' which are all articles written solely for SEO purposes to sell you a service. You need to read through a lot of useless text before you find a line that says 'check your manual for how to enable flat towing in your transfer case and transmission'.

So it's like a long tease and at the end you're still not getting a satisfactory answer.

And overall the more your search terms are related something the average American searches for, the more junk there is.

Here's my first Google result: https://www.quadratec.com/c/reference/flat-towing-jeep-wrang...

Seems good enough? Short instruction and some helpful comments.

Copilot key is merely a is repurposed context-menu.

And I really hate when they do that. The context menu key press event is different from pressing Shift+F10. I've skipped over many keyboard purchases because they omit that button.

I've actually increased my spending more than just the inflation / rising costs.

The current state of food processing allows for way too much adulteration, even in the simple foods.

Even yesterday I discovered that there is high quality pasta and low quality. The high quality pasta is made with seminola wheat. And on the lower quality one you get wha it's called "durum wheat (seminola)". Same name, but different processing. Th difference in quality is staggering.

I feel the same way about information provided by LLMs as with lots of pre-LLM articles and overall YouTube 'information' videos.

Sources matter. You're either rehashing information from a collection of sources or you have your own data to prove your statements.

Yeah, this is why I really like Kagi's approach: it's clearly marked for what is, and cites its sources so you can verify the quality of the answer (or at least get a ballpark idea of where it's coming from) yourself.

And still to this day if you get caught with weed in Belgium they put you in front of a judge who is going to berate you for smoking a joint once per week.

There are still random police checks checks between Maastricht and Belgian cities on the other side.

Same with public transportation. Many times, when entering Belgium, cops get on the bus with a dog to see if you have weed on you.

And this is the same country that allows people to drink a beer while driving home from work.

> allows people to drink a beer while driving home from work.

hold up, what?

I knew various European countries had much less draconian liquor laws than the US, but...

while driving?

There's only a limit of how much alcohol you can have in your bloodstream. Doesn't matter how or when that alcohol got there.

Drinking a beer in the car is just as legal here as drinking a pepsi. Personally I don't see the problem.

Oh that's much more reasonable. I always thought the US laws were weird because open container is a really weird thing to do anything more than be some suspicion (I think you should need more. Like someone is acting drunk, but hard to prove). Why can't my friends drink in the car? Why can't I have a trashbag full of empty cans that I'm bringing back from a camping trip? I gotta put those in my trunk? Not all vehicles have trunks. I can bring a bottle of wine or whisky to a friends, we don't drink all of it, and I gotta hide it or wrap it in duct tape to drive it home? The point of the law is about the danger posed to you, others, and property. Just focus on that.

This is how it was in certain western US states prior to Dole v. S. Dakota. In fact in my neck of the woods a few drive through liquor stores remain.

You wouldn't want to do that anyway because you'll give the police probable cause to take you to the police station for a blood test.

No European country restricts where you can drink (to my knowledge). Only what things you can do when drunk.

You are not allowed to have access to an open container while in the driver's seat in the Netherlands.

I had to look this up but apparently the UK doesn't either.

Still, if a police officer exists within 10 miles of you and sees you and pulls you over its going to cause you a massive delay.

I think its a 20 minute minimum wait before breath tests, then blood at a station.

> I had to look this up but apparently the UK doesn't either.

There are a few city-wide regulations in Scotland that prohibit it, possibly in other parts of the UK as well, but there's indeed no such national law.

In Poland, drinking in public space (with some exceptions) is forbidden. Sometimes police will issue fines even for “intention to drink” if they see a person with an unopened bottle of beer.

That's not true. E.g. Lithuania has laws restricting it (can not even have opened alcohol bottles inside of a car).

To my knowledge, in Spain you're not allowed to drink in public(?) Whether or not people/the police care seems to be an entirely different matter, though, and also depend on the city/region.

It's allowed at the national level. Just some cities chose to ban it in either the entire city or certain areas.

Huh? Please see [1] for examples (aka "Sweden has entered the chat").

[1]: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Drinking_in_public

Yup. This is the case in the UK too. You're not allowed to be drunk and drive, but you're absolutely allowed to have a can of beer while driving. This surprised me when going to the States - there's nothing stopping you from downing a can then getting in the car, but it's illegal to even have an open container of alcohol in the car (even if held by a passenger and you're teetotal)

In Bavaria I've seen beer vending machines inside of factories with heavy machinery and forklifts everywhere.

Beer is to Bavarians, what guns are to Texans. Don‘t dare to even think of taking it from them.

The amount of beer consumed in Bavaria is on a decreasing trend. Breweries are worried and some are looking into exports. Times are changing.

The groups of armed military personnel stomping through train stations in Brussels was definitely a culture shock for me. Not even the US is like that.

What's actually sad is that Microsoft Edge and its new features are literally doing all of that right now.

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