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"That initial mistrust was a common theme for each of the following 13 days – in which she tried to offer strangers an umbrella on a rainy day, pay for someone’s parking ticket, and let fellow shoppers jump ahead of her in checkout queues. “Suspicion was the strongest reaction throughout,” she says. Each time, it was only when she offered a rational explanation – such as the fact she was waiting for someone at the checkout – that people would accept her offers. Looking back, Mann now explains it as “stranger danger”. “We’re brought up to expect strangers to put one over us,” she says."

However the deeper premise goes unexamined: all the correlative studies between gi ving and lon term happiness and health and not one discussion of whether healthier, happier people give more.

That was pretty hand wavy, particularly compared to this counterpoint:


The article discusses underlying causes of the correlation.

Actualy, it's just the admin console.

Morale challenges tend to go hand in hand with moral challenges.

A bunch of people I know who've carved out a little niche for themselves making wordpress sites for small businesses are justifably concerned that their skillset has been made obsolete.

IMHO, (and I'd never mention it to their face) they brought it on themselves.

He was shot dead in his parachute and the rescue team was fired on.

For 9 seconds.

I don't see how they could have been warning him for 10 minutes if he was over their airspace for nine seconds.

Well they probably were warning him before he hit Turkish airspace

Agreed. IMHO, the author was hand wavy and unconvincing.

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