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Doesn't even load for me. http://i.imgur.com/wT7zV3f.png

Still makes me sad that people are calling these 2048 clones when Threes started it all off.

Don't see "clone" used anywhere. Just "inspired by." Which seems accurate, since this is more like 2048 than Threes.

Threes wasn't FOSS so it's legally easier to say "2048 clone".

The algorithm games can not be patented (licensed). Only the name and design.

"File not found.""

Anyone got a cache? Looks like google didn't grab it.

No, but I can link you to the WSJ's coverage (if you use a Google referer).


Crashed when I first opened the menu.

Menu randomly refuses to come on screen, freezeing after the settings logo comes into view.

When trying to enable gravatar, it says "email goes here" might be better to have Email there. Looks a little unprofessional.

Settings menu doesn't feel like it gives a response, action just occurs. Changing the colour of the select tray might be nice.

Animations seem a little odd. Settings page fades in towards you and everything else just fades to replace the current page.

Thanks for the feedback. Please tell us what kind of phone did you try it on!

Out of interest, has anyone noticed anything outside of the ordinary? My antivirus (Kaspersky) is flagging it as a Trojan. http://i.imgur.com/qTW8zPu.png

Kaspersky identifies modified versions of popular applications. I suspect they don't know Epic is a "legitimate" modification of Chromium yet.

Sadly, no denial of a spying program on the rest of the world, then again that would be flat out lies on top of what probably already is.

Modern politics. Democracy and privacy no longer exist.

Well the German BND just the other day was shown to be spying on the rest of the world and giving "non-German" data over to the NSA. The idea that the world's foremost proponents of data security and data privacy still spy on the rest of the world (and fully legally) is illustrative IMHO.

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