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APL for fun, not profit here.

I use J for fun, instead of APL. More approachable I think.

APL for fun here too.

He is 2p in China, so his rank is actually chinese. In Europe (EGF) he plays as 7d. An oddball rank would be 2-3p in China, 3-5 or so in Japan and maybe 2 in Korea. But just guessing, I'm to far to properly compare, the only gauge is when he plays other "non-EU pros" in the EGC.

At my library Stoer & Bulirsch's Numerical Analysis was always going through the rounds. And now I'm curious about what the Dynamical Systems book you talk about :)

As trevmckendrick says, HM printed the articles from the web, always with the permission (at least, I was asked and I'm pretty sure all others were asked). Thanks to it now I can find me on Amazon.com :D


Thanks, it was a wonderful reading experience, and I always looked forward receiving my subscription at the beginning of each month. I was lucky to have 2 posts featured in the magazine (nums 11 and 14), and the layout, composition and all else related to it was great.

Good luck with your next project(s)!


Lots of food for thought. I scanned the rotated version by jarmitage, increasingly worried Byrne's version of Euclid's elements wasn't tere. Wrong, it was further away :)


Access is no longer open (at least not from my side)... I guess it was some bug at Springer? A pity.


Did the keyboard shortcuts work for you? I can't get them to work (even tried adding some flags to check whether they are being caught or not and they don't seem to reach hotkeys.so's code, ever, for me)


Not sure which, but some app I had open (I simply closed everything) was trapping the keycodes somehow. Weird (and mildly disturbing)


I have Sketch and Affinity designer, and both are very good programs, but for raw SVG-ing (where I want full compatibility or anything similar) I still use Inkscape. It works, and works well, I'm not sure what your issues may be but I've been using it for, like, 8 years already (on Mac, I mean) and the latest versions are the best so far. Same for Gimp. I usually use Pixelmator, but Gimp is my second option (and depending on what I want to do, first option.)

Keep in mind there are "native" apps now for both Gimp and Inkscape (i.e. no longer requiring X11 open and using C- bindings, I'm not sure if for Inkscape it's a fork or what, though, been a long time since I installed it). This has made working with them much better for me.


On TV everything is dubbed (although you can watch the original audio tracks). Worth noting too that usually the dubbers are incredibly good, in following the flow of the movie/show and the way they talk. I've watched other's countries dubbing and it's cringeworthy. But I'd have loved original versions as the default since I was a kid: my English is decent, but that would have helped a lot and probably make it much better.



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