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Twilio has an incentive to make "the spirit of 2FA" worse, because SMS-only is how they make money. Either OTP 2FA will be more complicated and adopted less, or they'll own the entire space, like in Sendgrid's case.

Anyone get the bug where you can't get away from the Safari tab that's screen timed because anything you type into the address bar gets deleted by another popup?

They disabled autofill in the Firefox/Chrome extensions and won't provide an older version that worked or even a download of the 1P7 app.

Turns out I'm actually using 1P6 on mac, and autofill does still work. Here's the download for the 1P7 standalone app https://1password.community/discussion/129962/download-1pass...

Don’t throw away the “this is off the record, player” line. That’s gold.

Google with the udm-14 flag: https://udm14.com/

Your question is why do they bring a compact piano to the tiny desk concert?

Bob learns to surf before Jane.

Select Star SQL is pretty interesting, but short - https://selectstarsql.com/beazley.html

Deleted for an annoying reply

I have no idea what that second sentence means, but unless there has been mass removal of content on YouTube, then it stands to reason that there is at least as much good content now as previously.

Same thing with the ads every 5 minutes always interrupting a complex part of the woodworking video I'm half watching. Thanks for the reminder to focus on real work, State Farm.

There are services that allow you to download videos for free. If you know what you want and you aren't in a rush (it's not slow but not instant either) it's a good solution

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