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I thought restaurants make more money from drinks (and deserts) than actual meals.


Probably, but if someone sits at a table for hours and only buys one cup over all those hours other sales will most likely be lost if the place is full of those 1-cupers.


It is a sign that you are a knowledge hoarder, happy that others are dependant on you. There is a lot of job security in that I guess. If you want to do yourself and others a favour, instead of giving your fellow co-workers fish, teach them to fish. Maybe you could learn something satisfying from them.


I knew I would get a response like this as soon as I posted my comment. And to clarify, I dont mean to have me explain things, but to have me do things that they themselves could "never do!".

I completely get where you are coming from though, hah!


I stopped reading when I realised it was an ad for snake oil, but lots of people feel like Drew at work. And they are all justified, even when working together. Drew IS the smartest guy at his job, when it comes to the things he cares about. The trick is, most of his co-workers are also smarter than everyone else, when it comes to the things they care about and specialise in.

People come to me at work all the time frustrated about something. "Sometimes I am the only one who has any idea about X and is actively trying to push it at this company". And they are right. When it comes to X, they are far too clever for the company. But when it comes to Y and Z they are just like everyone else, except for the guy that really gives a shit about Y and knows its the most important thing the company should be concentrating on, and the guy that really gives a shit about Z and knows that its the most important thing the company should be focussing on.

We are all in our own little bubbles and have trouble considering that fact that maybe we aren't so smart after all. We just need to start seeing things from other peoples perspectives. Maybe X, Y AND Z are important so why not recognise how clever other people actually are work together. Those people that can manage to realise that they aren't in fact the only one who cares, and get past their egos and manage to work with others and connect all those important things are the true people who are clever enough to work anywhere.

Edit: So yeah, this smart clever things isn't really such a black and white dichotomy. Pretty much all of us are clever at some thing, yet utterly stupid at most things, that is just how things are. That is why we need to work together to get anything done.


We just set up a third gmail. Use it for all family rather than individual stuff. Typically my email clients just check it alongside all my other accounts, and my wife gets an auto-forwarded copy.

But this is just as good.


I agree that they are not sexist. However I don't think diversity needs to be an explicit goal of choosing a speaker lineup.

Having said that, being aware of the diversity in software development, if I were to organise a conference, and only managed to attract male speakers, I would think "oh shit, something has gone very wrong here", and I would not hesitate to cancel it and try and address the serious issue.


If I organised a conference, and failed to attract a single female speaker, especially in a community where sexism is a sensitive issue, I would immediately decide to cancel it of my own volition. I don't want to contribute to the type of things that make women feel excluded.


So if women choose not to be included on your activity, you would cancel it, because women would feel excluded? OK....

If I never took part in anything that didn't attract females (that were not family), I would have never learned anything, or seen any movies, or eaten any food...


That's a bit of a disingenuous comparison. Organizing a conference that should be representative of a very large, diverse community is not quite the same as organizing personal activities.


That last line is interesting. You lead up to presenting a scenario where one might rightfully expect a conference to naturally reflect a diverse speaker lineup, reflecting the diversity in the industry overall. I agree with that.

But I am not sure what you mean by the last line. Do you mean: 1: "This is the last industry where it should be necessary to criticise or cancel a conference with an all-male lineup [so the fact that this conference does in fact have an all-male lineup, in the context of this particular community having problems with sexism in the past, raises a huge red flag, and probably should be canceled]".

or do you mean: 2. "This is the last industry to have issues with sexism because we are so diverse, so when one conference comes along where this diversity is not represented, it shouldn't be an issue".

I find both reasonable I guess. Although considering the fact that this topic is already a sensitive issue, I lead more towards opinion 1.


As a white guy, I think any conference struggling to attract female speakers, probably should be canceled.

It doesn't mean the conference itself or its organisers are explicitly racist or sexist, but there has to be some reason why either the topic, or the community or whatever seems so hostile to women wanting to participate. Essentially it is a symptom of a deeper issue.

The fact that no women wanted to speak at the conference is a fairly clear indicator that something is sick in the community. It is just not normal. In Saudi Arabia maybe, but these days any healthy community in a modern western country should be able to attract a couple of female speakers.

We have known for a while now that parts of the programming community have issues with sexism, especially the ruby community, and if it takes a few conference cancellations to get the issue discussed than that is all good.

Here is an idea: The organisers should organise a Ruby Girls event or something.

Main thing is, lets not pretend there is not a serious problem here, and lets do something to address it!


It's useless in Germany. It is just the same overdubbed stuff you can see on TV, several months too late.


Hold on, people can see if you have a profile or not, but it is not like they can see any of the information you have marked as not-public or friends only.

I don't see how this is a privacy issue. People can just google a name and get straight to someones public profile as well.



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