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" Universal retention of provenance without commensurate universal commercial rights would lead to a police/ surveillance state. Universal commercial provenance can instead lead to a balanced future, where a middle class can thrive with proportional political clout, and where individuals can invent their own lives without being unduly manipulated by unseen operators of Siren Servers. " [1]

[1] - Lanier, Jaron (2013-03-07). Who Owns The Future?. Penguin Books Ltd. Kindle Edition.


Moving and prophetic.. even today and probably tomorrow.


This is freaking awesome..


Yabba-Doo.. Yippity-Yabbity-Doo [1]

HECK YEAH, WE're 5 !

[1] - Scoobypedia


to clarify Zan's comment its

511 ( startups ) 11(.)5 (B)

for it to be one " startups " , decimal and B have to be parsed out ;-)


Paradox is once you pull an Edison , financiers wish to have interactions with you.

This goes from the very top end of town to oblivion. Because, at the root of it is that gotcha.. money for nothing.. many know how the rest of that song goes.


http://cdixon.org/2012/11/23/some-problems-are-so-hard-they-... seems to to have the graphic as well ;-)


And Chris Dixon had the decency to give credit where it's due.


Just a side-note, making a name via accomplishing nothing is common, various sub-types such as that you hint at above are perhaps further taxonomy ?

Rebels eventually wish to be kings. Some actually get there. Then the cycle repeats.

My worry here is that individuals are paying more attention to specific actors who as powerful as they appear to be are not as formidable as systems they represent.

Its almost rare to see such wounded attitudes from an equally matched adversary.

The other direction is full scale martyr which was also displayed recently .. I'd rather not take the name to avoid pain for those close to the kid.


David's start is at 14 and not post 20 as most grad students. At minimum, he will end up making something like Mathematica like Wolfram and at max, he will change the world.

The Big and Little Oh of this story are both extreme events.


That's an awfully high "minimum". I knew several "geniuses" at that age (might even qualify myself, though admittedly I was only three years ahead of par at that age); most of them have gone on to fairly normal (though by no means unsuccessful) careers, and a couple burned out quite spectacularly. I don't think putting that weight of expectation on is helpful.


In deed, you remind me of Solon's warning. Perhaps the better way to put it is he's attacking one heck of a problem - and with the right detachment to both industry and academia - so the minimum is based more on the quality of problems than the individual ( as unique as that is in this particular case ).

But yes, being an entrepreneur is an added layer, as you've to learn to arrange people to attain a larger goal than just research.

And he shows signs of that even on the jobs page while avoiding the broken method of interviewing that is oft practiced, he's almost defining a boundary for relatively high signal from the applicants.

His fluid approach is reminiscent of the caper that the Google guys pulled at Stanford.. and as it turns out, I think he also got funded by Larry.


I do not think funding is David's problem :-).



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