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negative filters might be useful too. i.e. non-jQuery non-d3, or at least make selecting multiple dependencies show the union of both sets, rather than the empty intersection.

If the size of a market segment is 0 because no-one sells to it, then no-one knows how big it is.

Apple sells to it with the 13" MBP, which you can get with 16GB RAM as a BTO upgrade. I doubt that many people opt for it, but it's not a non-existent market.

I didn't explain my point very well. What I was trying to say was how can "laptop manufacturers that refuse to offer the 16GB RAM upgrade option" (as izacus put it) be considered market segmentation (as AceJohnny2 said in his reply to izacus). It's not a segment to those that don't sell anything to them, and because they don't sell to them, they have no (first-hand) data on how big that segment might be if they were to sell to it.

I refuse to buy any laptop with less than 16GB of RAM. Spent almost 1 year searching for a laptop to buy. Had to buy a 14" ASUS-RoG G46VW[0] and replace the screen for a 1920x1080 one.

[0] http://www.asus.com/Notebooks_Ultrabooks/G46VW/

A 2 second google search would show you that the market segment is not 0.

> With any sort of proportional vote system

The problem with extrapolating how the result of a proportional vote would have gone from the results of a first past the post election is that people would vote differently. e.g. someone might vote tactically for lib-dem to get a conservative out under first past the post whereas they might vote labour under proportional representation.

Edit: I'm in favour of proportional representation.

Little Women apparently: http://nameberry.com/babyname/Amy

The other names show similar shapes:

Meg: http://rhiever.github.io/name-age-calculator/index.html?Gend...

Jo: http://rhiever.github.io/name-age-calculator/index.html?Gend...

Beth: http://rhiever.github.io/name-age-calculator/index.html?Gend...

The second bump for Meg could be due to Meg Ryan?

There's an interesting defence of Joyent here: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=9491547


Wouldn't they still be able to work it out when your tax code is corrected?


did you publish it anywhere?


No, I figured it was too unpolished and you can write it in one day.

I hope Bryan Cantrill will do a follow up of sorts to Corporate Open Source Anti-patterns[1] once this is all settled. It would be interesting to know what lessons there are to learn from this.

[1] https://youtube.com/watch?v=Pm8P4oCIY3g


Interestingly, from the Wikipedia page:

> The patent covering the neotame molecule in the US, 5,480,668,[10] was originally set to expire 7 November 2012, but was extended 973 days by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. The patent is now set to expire 8 July 2015.

Give Animats comment below about how Sucralose is being manufactured more now that its patent has expired it will be interesting to see what happens once Neotame's patent expires later this year.


In the early days of the web I remember seeing an ASCII art pheonix made of (if I remember correctly) AGCT dna-like sequences. It rendered really slowly in netscape. I'd love to know how today's browsers handle it but alas it is lost in time...



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