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I could have written that.

I'm in a (some would say privileged but it isn't) situation where money just falls into my bank with little effort by myself. (Shareholdings.)

I am at a total loss as to which of the many "hobbies" I have surrounding me that I should educate myself with each day. I'm learning about 100's of things from Lego lighting projects to basic electronics right now; I don't know where to dabble next.

The way out, I feel, is to sell many things, leave my phone at home, don't connect to WiFi after 8pm at home - and try and just Be.


I've certainly been caught out in that regard before.

But a 'advanced options' ability with a stern warning would be useful to many.


In general Google tends to keep accounts siloed, if for no other reason than that different accounts is the solution recommended to people who want to silo things.


Yes, as you say.

The beauty of the Pi is the fact you can have a variety of SD cards with different OS/Configurations and easily swap between them and play with them.

It is a very cheap educational tool. I have 4 of them, and they also make great network storage tools. Add a HDD, the transmission software and you can easily download TV shows and stream them to you 1080p TV for example. £27 in the UK, absolute bargain.


Except for the price, you can have the same flexibility with any other computer. Well any other non Apple device actually, i run Linux on my hp touchpad tablet...


They take it all very seriously!

In January 2004 I took my mum to Disneyland Paris.

Someone had accidentally left their luggage next to the belts below the customs booths.

The airport was shut down and cleared on that level, whilst a brave man with a machete hacked carefully at the bag to discover sausages.


The thing is, it's not just the financial cost of a theft, it's the emotional and practical cost too.

Having had 5 laptops stolen in one hit - because I was updating staff that weekend and the guy got lucky - the cost of changing passwords, and the nagging feeling I may have missed something somewhere and I may get hit with another internet theft....

Then the feeling that the guy(s?) were in my house while my partner and I were sleeping. Na. People who do this need to be taken out of society.

For the speeding point, you can kill people at 30mph if something goes wrong with the car or you do something stupid.


You just seriously advocated having someone who stole your laptop locked up in prison for life because of the inconvenience they caused you?



Best I can tell it's an issue of philosophy. Many people in the US (my people, lucky me) are fearful and angry. We really seem to like our vengeance (consider the country music songs that were coming out post 9/11 as we entered Afghanistan and Iraq). When it comes to crime we don't bother with "rehabilitation". When it comes to mental health, that's clearly a lack of personal responsibility. If I can tell that they aren't really a knight in King Arthur's court on a holy quest, then they should be able to realize it too. Lock them up, throw away the key.


Agreed with the review.

Also agree that any benchmarks are useless. We need to code for the lowest common platform, in order to get the best sales.


People viewing your views and cause, I guess.

Due to the worlds media being very selective about what appears, and the tone or context in which it is written, sometimes this is the only way to get your word out.

"Your word" being highly subjective.

Having the www.nytimes.com traffic being sent to your blog is probably one of the best things you can do.

Back in the day, leaflets were dropped from planes that contained what you wanted people to read. This is the much easier, and much much cheaper, way of achieving that aim.

EDIT: Removed the joke.


Now I want to know what the joke was.


I said "...and click an advert or two."


I was going to post the same thing.

Hope Stripe get there first, as I'd like to support them over Mastercard.


I feel for what you mean here.

Personally I hate the PS3 controller as it's too small, I much prefer the xBox 360 controller and especially if it has the keyboard attached to it.

Also, on the iPhone I dislike 99% of the games that use a virtual joystick on the screen, I just can't get on with them.

But for touch interface games, what the parent post says is a joy I look forward to experiencing: A game with discreet information on the hand-held device.

A touch screen certainly isn't for 60fps twitch-gaming in my opinion.


> But for touch interface games, what the parent post says is a joy I look forward to experiencing: A game with discreet information on the hand-held device.

Isn't that the whole idea behind the WiiU?


The progression of UO over time is not unlike that of most computer games over a longer period:

We used to have 3 lives, and pixel perfect jumps. Not a "100 life" buffer with health packs or -worse- life regeneration if you hide behind a tree. Or a completely safe MMO world like UO ended up as. Few went to the Dark Side of the UO world.

Most games have become movies, with little chance of anything bad happening to the viewer except getting popcorn hitting the back of your head.

UO was exciting when you thought you might get jumped and killed. It made you think hard about what you took out hunting.



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