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1. 18F: CSS coding style guide (gsa.gov)
243 points by molecule 10 days ago | 96 comments
2. Air Force Damaged Nuclear Missile, Hid Mishap from Pentagon Review (talkingpointsmemo.com)
2 points by molecule 15 days ago
3. NASA’s newest cargo spacecraft began life as a Soviet space plane (arstechnica.com)
5 points by molecule 18 days ago
4. The Classic Cyberpunk Novel Altered Carbon Is Becoming a Netflix Series (gizmodo.com)
3 points by molecule 18 days ago
5. Efforts to plug Porter Ranch-area gas leak worsened blowout risk, regulators say (latimes.com)
1 point by molecule 24 days ago
6. As U.S. Modernizes Nuclear Weapons, ‘Smaller’ Leaves Some Uneasy (nytimes.com)
2 points by molecule 27 days ago | 1 comment
7. Why Amazon's Data Centers Are Hidden in Spook Country (theatlantic.com)
5 points by molecule 31 days ago
8. The Deep State: How Camouflage Became Chic in Beltwayland (billmoyers.com)
2 points by molecule 32 days ago
9. Volkswagen Sued by US Federal Government Over Emissions Scandal (motherjones.com)
1 point by molecule 35 days ago
10. Even for the active, a long sit shortens life and erodes health (latimes.com)
2 points by molecule 45 days ago
11. The Justice Department just shut down a huge asset forfeiture program (washingtonpost.com)
2 points by molecule 46 days ago
12. Notorious ‘pharma Bro’ Martin Shkreli Resigns from Turing Pharmaceuticals (washingtonpost.com)
1 point by molecule 52 days ago
13. Martin Shkreli was one terrible investor, SEC document shows (latimes.com)
1 point by molecule 52 days ago
14. Turn Your IPhone 6s into a Scale with This Web App (lifehacker.com)
1 point by molecule 55 days ago
15. To feel the true force of ‘Star Wars,’ George Lucas had to learn to let go (washingtonpost.com)
2 points by molecule 69 days ago
16. Chinese military scaled back cyberthefts after indictments, U.S. officials say (washingtonpost.com)
40 points by molecule 69 days ago | 23 comments
17. In Utah Feud Over ‘Dirty’ Sodas, Flavored Darts Are Fired (nytimes.com)
9 points by molecule 70 days ago | 6 comments
18. The current future of 18F marketplaces (gsa.gov)
10 points by molecule 81 days ago | 1 comment
19. Obama rejects Keystone XL project, citing climate concerns (washingtonpost.com)
2 points by molecule 94 days ago
20. Why Apple Is Grabbing Huge Parcels of Land in Silicon Valley (fortune.com)
1 point by molecule 95 days ago
21. Mysterious ‘gash’ forms on Wyoming ranch (washingtonpost.com)
4 points by molecule 98 days ago
22. The Chemist Who Hasn't Showered in 12 Years Explains Why He Doesn't Stink (vice.com)
13 points by molecule 100 days ago | 1 comment
23. The Visionary Mega-Tower That San Francisco Never Built (citylab.com)
1 point by molecule 101 days ago
24. Apple earnings lifted by iPhone sales in China (marketwatch.com)
1 point by molecule 104 days ago
25. Open Source Micro-purchasing: An experiment in federal acquisition (gsa.gov)
62 points by molecule 109 days ago | 20 comments
26. ‘Clock kid’ Ahmed Mohamed and his family will move to Qatar (washingtonpost.com)
74 points by molecule 110 days ago | 139 comments
27. Should you use Celluloid? (mikeperham.com)
1 point by molecule 116 days ago
28. Tech Community Mourns Loss of White House Adviser Jacob Brewer (recode.net)
2 points by molecule 141 days ago
29. One Monetary Policymaker Wants Negative Rates in the U.S (bloomberg.com)
2 points by molecule 143 days ago
30. The West Point Professor Who Contemplated a Coup (theatlantic.com)
2 points by molecule 161 days ago

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