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1. Why Apple Is Buying Beats | stratechery by Ben Thompson (stratechery.com)
1 point by dpcheng2003 563 days ago
2. Apples and Oranges: What AppLinks and Unbundling Can Tell Us About the Mobile Web (medium.com)
1 point by dpcheng2003 568 days ago | 1 comment
3. Age of Twitpocalypse: The Four Horsemen of Twitter’s Impending Doom… or Not (medium.com)
1 point by dpcheng2003 573 days ago
4. House of Twitter Cards: How Twitter’s Monetization Strategy is Coming Together (medium.com)
4 points by dpcheng2003 583 days ago
5. Cistern and Sieve: How YC, Peter Thiel and General Assembly can change education (medium.com)
2 points by dpcheng2003 590 days ago
6. Debate btwn Michael Lewis, Brad Katsuyama (IEX) and William O’Brien (BATS) (marketwatch.com)
1 point by dpcheng2003 604 days ago
7. The Secret Behind Secret: How Reddit’s Meme Culture Is Getting Productized (sharebloc.com)
6 points by dpcheng2003 611 days ago
8. IDG’s Pat McGovern, 1937-2014: Computer Publishing’s Man of Many Worlds (time.com)
1 point by dpcheng2003 616 days ago
9. The Bitcoin personality cult lives on (from FT) (pastebin.com)
2 points by dpcheng2003 638 days ago
10. The Bitcoin personality cult lives on – (I post without commentary) (ft.com)
1 point by dpcheng2003 638 days ago | 2 comments
11. A Bitcoin version of the SETIhome program for donating to charities?
5 points by dpcheng2003 686 days ago | 6 comments
12. Show HN: We launched a platform that can be the HN for any industry/profession (techcrunch.com)
1 point by dpcheng2003 722 days ago
13. Rather than keep posting blogs about the Penny Arcade job article...
3 points by dpcheng2003 730 days ago
14. Mobile is Tweeting the World (sharebloc.com)
1 point by dpcheng2003 742 days ago
15. Twitter is Under-Valued (for Investors and Marketers) (sharebloc.com)
2 points by dpcheng2003 748 days ago
16. Marketing in the Time of Online Dating (sharebloc.com)
1 point by dpcheng2003 752 days ago
17. Product Lessons Learned from World of Warcraft (sharebloc.com)
1 point by dpcheng2003 756 days ago
18. Why We Pivoted: A Story About Lessons Learned From Failure (sharebloc.com)
1 point by dpcheng2003 765 days ago
19. Infographic to help you figure out HR-related vendors/issues for your startup (vendorstack.com)
1 point by dpcheng2003 962 days ago
20. VendorStack Launches With Service Like Yelp And Quora For Enterprise Vendors (techcrunch.com)
1 point by dpcheng2003 1025 days ago
21. How is enterprise babby formed? (vendorstack.com)
1 point by dpcheng2003 1079 days ago
22. Why Gartner’s Magic Quadrant is an Illusion... (vendorstack.com)
1 point by dpcheng2003 1092 days ago
23. Ask HN: What would you put on a concise FAQ for mobile developers?
2 points by dpcheng2003 1095 days ago
24. Why We Share: The Changing Nature of the Enterprise (vendorstack.com)
1 point by dpcheng2003 1109 days ago
25. From Reddit: Fox News Is Killing The Republican Party (businessinsider.com)
1 point by dpcheng2003 1114 days ago
26. Disney and Lucasfilm: A New Hope (davidpcheng.com)
1 point by dpcheng2003 1117 days ago
27. The Rise of the Enterprise Consumer (vendorstack.com)
1 point by dpcheng2003 1131 days ago
28. Jobs as Patton: How Apple is More Like the Military than a Cult (davidpcheng.com)
1 point by dpcheng2003 1281 days ago
29. What Eduardo Saverin Owes America. Everything. Nothing. (davidpcheng.com)
1 point by dpcheng2003 1291 days ago
30. CEO 101: Kobe Bryant and the Innovator’s Dilemma (vendorstack.wordpress.com)
1 point by dpcheng2003 1316 days ago

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