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Your brand is more than a logo (medium.com)
1 point by zeroh-creative 9 minutes ago | discuss
Ask HN: Want to create the ultimate software project checklist?
1 point by willpower_iam 1 hour ago | discuss
How to establish a company in US for non-european based in Europe?
2 points by Mostafa_Nageeb 3 hours ago | 2 comments
Machine Zone Having Players Revolt?
6 points by cindyb 3 hours ago | 1 comment
Using Jekyll and GitHub Pages (dinosaurscode.xyz)
2 points by lllorddino 5 hours ago | discuss
Make Sails.js JSON API Compliant to Work by Default with Ember.js (github.com)
1 point by dynamiccast 7 hours ago | discuss
A Paranoid’s Guide to Securing Windows 10 (ingehenriksen.wordpress.com)
2 points by CarRamba 8 hours ago | discuss
You can type anything here to visualize its grammatical structure (nn.bb)
6 points by KHANG1 9 hours ago | 6 comments
What I used to build my startup's stack (crn.com)
4 points by skilliam 9 hours ago | discuss
Concurrent queue in C (popcount.org)
4 points by pendu 9 hours ago | discuss
A Rest API's specification for the 21th century (github.com)
4 points by holowmareen 9 hours ago | 3 comments
An introduction to ERPNext module development (anybox.fr)
1 point by smorele 9 hours ago | discuss
Show HN: FrontDeskHelpers – Help with Startup Communication/Merketing Needs (frontdeskhelpers.com)
1 point by karinaFDH 10 hours ago | discuss
Hack Back! a DIY Guide for those without the patience to wait for whistleblowers (magcloud.com)
1 point by CJ_Xorfy 10 hours ago | discuss
How Not to Sell Your Company (bertolami.com)
7 points by whistletune 11 hours ago | discuss
Hardening Content Security Policy (chloe.re)
1 point by meshnet 11 hours ago | discuss
Must-read bot – Build controllable must-read lists for your team in Slack (finalem.com)
2 points by ognevvv 12 hours ago | 1 comment
Statik: A multi-purpose static web site generator for developers (github.com)
2 points by thanethomson 13 hours ago | 1 comment
Raw Economic Data Is Just Noise That Needs to Be Silenced (wsj.com)
1 point by cookscar 14 hours ago | discuss
A new startup: CataLike Feel free to take a look and see how it works :) (catalike.com)
2 points by CataLike 14 hours ago | discuss
All smiles on the outside, being an entrepreneur (medium.com)
1 point by digitalprofile 14 hours ago | 1 comment
DRM implementation weakness (wired.com)
2 points by funguru 15 hours ago | discuss
How long does it take to find a job as a developer in the US compared to Europe? (honeypot.io)
5 points by elainey 15 hours ago | discuss
Ask HN: Why is vim considered a better editor in comparison to emacs?
1 point by arpangupta 15 hours ago | 6 comments
How a Non-Techie Learned to Code from Scratch (medium.com)
3 points by orangewin 15 hours ago | discuss
Show HN: Decentralized networking library for (not only) games (github.com)
4 points by inetic 16 hours ago | 1 comment
Ask HN: iOS Devs: Where do you get your clients / projects?
2 points by selfthrow 16 hours ago | 2 comments
Open Source Games You Could Contribute To (thomasvanderberg.nl)
3 points by tmsbrg 16 hours ago | 1 comment
Remove all .git files, recursively
1 point by ilia-yats 17 hours ago | discuss
Lon.gs: We have fixed many of the issues you raised (github.com)
1 point by longs 18 hours ago | discuss

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