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Ask HN: Why was the Web3 thread killed today?
1 point by throwawayqsss 8 minutes ago | discuss
Confluence modifies page Author to whom last moved that page
2 points by lastdong 40 minutes ago | discuss
Show HN: Jarvis.ai Rebranded to Jasper.ai
1 point by jasperai 1 hour ago | 1 comment
Connecting People (aditya.rs)
2 points by aditya_rs 1 hour ago | discuss
Digital Currency: Market Value of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin (webadvisor.blog)
2 points by jobsbr 1 hour ago | discuss
NFTs (webadvisor.blog)
2 points by jobsbr 1 hour ago | discuss
USPS, building off popular licensing deals, branches out into stamp NFTs (federalnewsnetwork.com)
6 points by buttocks 2 hours ago | discuss
Is the US’s position as a global leader for data centres unassailable? (investmentmonitor.ai)
2 points by trevorboaconstr 3 hours ago | 1 comment
Show HN: Papertag – The paper-to-digital bookmark app (papertag.app)
4 points by jollyrosso 3 hours ago | discuss
Ask HN: How was your interviewing experience this cycle?
5 points by aditya_rs 3 hours ago | 4 comments
Show HN: Nootroflix – A Nootropics Recommender System (nootroflix.com)
13 points by Troof 3 hours ago | 1 comment
Teaching a DC Servo Motor to Act Like a Stepper (hackaday.com)
4 points by xpixer 3 hours ago | discuss
Supreme Court to Take Up Harvard, UNC Affirmative Action Case (infoproc.blogspot.com)
2 points by hn-0001 3 hours ago | discuss
Can lawyers be replaced with apps?
3 points by gacia 4 hours ago | 3 comments
What are you going to do with your data after you die? (reddit.com)
2 points by Pooge 4 hours ago | discuss
Is Lumeer.io a Good Choice as a Work Management and Collaboration Platform?
1 point by TREKlof 5 hours ago | discuss
From a self taught developer to first web dev job (pixelhop.io)
2 points by talieScrip 5 hours ago | discuss
Wordle – Unlimited Games (webwordle.com)
2 points by aldram 5 hours ago | discuss
Did the FAA cry wolf on 5G? (brookings.edu)
3 points by trifit 6 hours ago | discuss
Why routing alogrithms from different maps don't always give the same route (tomtom.com)
1 point by afknewsagency 6 hours ago | 2 comments
Ask HN: How do you host your side projects? Cloud, VPS or dedicated?
1 point by mangoholz 7 hours ago | 1 comment
Learn SvelteKit by building a static Markdown blog from scratch (joshcollinsworth.com)
2 points by rsolva 7 hours ago | discuss
Can anyone help with a good algorithm or design for family / relationship tree
2 points by sanket28 9 hours ago | discuss
Landscape: The Rise of Open Source Challengers – VC Funding $4B in 2021 (rajko-rad.medium.com)
2 points by rajko_rad 9 hours ago | discuss
A C++ algorithm to compute coefficients of a function dev in a harmonics series (github.com/justwhit3)
1 point by biancogianluca9 10 hours ago | discuss
Ask HN: G Suite Legacy yet to receive notification of change
6 points by isUserAMonkey 12 hours ago | 7 comments
Show HN: Headless CMS Written with NestJS, React and Redux-Saga (github.com/gobeam)
2 points by gobeam 13 hours ago | 1 comment
Help I have developed this site pretty much on my own
2 points by sevensisters 13 hours ago | 1 comment
Everything that freaks people out about TikTok was around with Tumblr (defaultfriend.substack.com)
1 point by hn-0001 16 hours ago | discuss
Ajax the Great (wikipedia.org)
2 points by melissalobos 16 hours ago | 1 comment

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