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Run any PyQt5 program in Emacs (github.com)
1 point by ManateeLazyCat 4 minutes ago | discuss
B.lock: a blockchain-powered password manager (github.com)
3 points by blockproject 24 minutes ago | discuss
God of War’s violent world comes to life in these stunning art prints (theverge.com)
1 point by f3f3_ 27 minutes ago | discuss
Ask HN: What a* stands for in Haskell?
1 point by fp_apprentice 42 minutes ago | 1 comment
Show HN: A World Cup 2018 CLI dashboard – Watch matches in your terminal (github.com)
2 points by cedricblondeau 1 hour ago | discuss
After harsh criticism, Facebook quietly pulls services from developing countries (theoutline.com)
64 points by mmaanniisshh 1 hour ago | 23 comments
Sphero bought a crowdfunded music tech company to expand its unlicensed toys (theverge.com)
1 point by f3f3_ 1 hour ago | discuss
Archiving self-destructing Gmail with Firefox (grokprivacy.wordpress.com)
1 point by anjsimmo 1 hour ago | discuss
Show HN: Generate regex from a set of string (github.com)
1 point by ibnuh 1 hour ago | discuss
Vote Against Prohibition (atlasobscura.com)
1 point by skies 2 hours ago | discuss
Tom Holland revealed the title for Spider-Man: Homecoming’s sequel (theverge.com)
2 points by f3f3_ 2 hours ago | discuss
Lessons from a Master Musical Innovator – Intelligent Attributes (intelligentfanatics.com)
1 point by IntelligentFan 3 hours ago | discuss
Don’t Use the Placeholder Attribute (smashingmagazine.com)
1 point by hrbf 3 hours ago | discuss
Microsoft’s ICE involvement illustrates tech’s denial problem (engadget.com)
2 points by akudha 3 hours ago | discuss
One in three American drivers can’t tell if their tires are bald (theverge.com)
1 point by f3f3_ 4 hours ago | discuss
Show HN: Online Simple Linear Regression Calculator (webdva.github.io)
1 point by webdva 4 hours ago | 1 comment
Let's Use Physics to Model a Curving Soccer Ball (wired.com)
2 points by f3f3_ 5 hours ago | discuss
Finally, a Problem Only Quantum Computers Will Ever Be Able to Solve (wired.com)
1 point by f3f3_ 6 hours ago | discuss
The Most Valuable Investment Skill (intelligentfanatics.com)
4 points by IntelligentFan 7 hours ago | discuss
Ask HN: Why don't all websites allow sign-ins with temp code sent to mobile
2 points by kiranz 7 hours ago | 2 comments
Inside the bad math that lets Coca-Cola say it gives back all the water it uses (theverge.com)
14 points by f3f3_ 8 hours ago | 5 comments
Ask HN: Which is your one favorite Doctor Who episode, and why?
2 points by oooooof 8 hours ago | discuss
Ethereum Co-Founder: “Wall Street Will Pump Trillions of USD into Crypto” (medium.com)
2 points by cryptomarks 9 hours ago | discuss
Show HN: Free image hosting (imgrpost.com)
1 point by IMGrPost 9 hours ago | discuss
Wikileaks: Boycott of Coinbase (medium.com)
1 point by cryptomarks 9 hours ago | discuss
New EU Directive on Money Laundering and What That Means for the Crypto World (medium.com)
1 point by cryptomarks 9 hours ago | discuss
Ask HN: How exactly do you learn anything related to SAP?
2 points by SAPseeker 10 hours ago | discuss
Ask HN: Aussie in the US Seeking Professional Advise and HELP
1 point by viabary 16 hours ago | 2 comments
Regulating AI in the Era of Big Tech (melodyguan.github.io)
6 points by thehappymelon 16 hours ago | discuss
Ask HN: My startup is going remote-only. Is this a giant red flag?
21 points by inlinefun 17 hours ago | 10 comments

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