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Ask HN: How to price your software service to get your first client earlier
1 point by startup_pricing 21 minutes ago | discuss
Al-iman Strengthening: Al moshaf, dua and dhikr (play.google.com)
1 point by ayaapps 1 hour ago | discuss
Simple and affordable inventory management software for eBay sellers (byteconn.com)
1 point by byteconn 1 hour ago | discuss
This Chrome Extension Lets You View Websites Without Clicking on Them (chrome.google.com)
2 points by Paralepipaide 1 hour ago | discuss
The pound is rallying on a highly uncertain Brexit deal (qz.com)
1 point by wixxy 1 hour ago | discuss
The loudest bird known sings right in a potential mate’s face (nature.com)
1 point by qips 1 hour ago | discuss
Show HN: Remoter Project (remoter.com)
1 point by remoterproject 1 hour ago | discuss
The present and future of food tech investment opportunity (techcrunch.com)
1 point by qjo 1 hour ago | discuss
Critique My Website
1 point by One0nly 1 hour ago | 1 comment
DOM Manipulator (lazysysadmin.github.io)
1 point by lazysysadmin 2 hours ago | discuss
Send USBs to N.Korea to help spread freedom of information (flashdrivesforfreedom.org)
2 points by thatgaijinguy 3 hours ago | 1 comment
Continuous Delivery of Container Applications to AWS Fargate with GitHub Actions (amazon.com)
1 point by ekoutanov 5 hours ago | discuss
Gaming: Shadow of War – The AMD Ryzen 9 3950X Review (anandtech.com)
1 point by ekoutanov 5 hours ago | discuss
Kubernetes Production Best Practices (learnk8s.io)
2 points by ekoutanov 5 hours ago | discuss
Product managers focus on UX and process instead of business growth and revenue (thoughtsongrowth.com)
2 points by MichalFiech 6 hours ago | discuss
Ask HN: What do you expect from a new manager in an existing team?
3 points by throwaway16100 6 hours ago | discuss
The study on the hacker-powered security ecosystem (hackerone.com)
1 point by TheYaINN 7 hours ago | discuss
Going Reactive with Rabbit in Java (medium.com)
1 point by stefanotroia 8 hours ago | discuss
Predicting recessions: financial cycle versus term spread [pdf] (bis.org)
1 point by Eldar_ 11 hours ago | discuss
Volvo Deal (wikipedia.org)
1 point by 0zymandias 11 hours ago | discuss
Was humanity simply not ready for the Internet? (medium.com)
2 points by samburrowsryde 11 hours ago | discuss
Creating and Updating Figures in Plotly for Python (plot.ly)
2 points by airstream 12 hours ago | discuss
Ask HN: My startup seems to be padding numbers
14 points by onthestove 12 hours ago | 6 comments
Rate My Startup
1 point by scheduly 12 hours ago | 3 comments
Redis automatic cluster recovery for Kubernetes (theregister.co.uk)
2 points by ekoutanov 13 hours ago | discuss
Amazon protests Pentagon’s cloud contract award, citing ‘unmistakable bias’ (siliconangle.com)
1 point by thechrisshort 14 hours ago | discuss
Over half of Fortune 500 exposed to remote access hacking (axios.com)
5 points by thechrisshort 14 hours ago | discuss
Oldie but Goodie: CPU Steal Time on AWS EC2 (mamchenkov.net)
1 point by samburrowsryde 14 hours ago | discuss
Top fashion e-commerce trends for 2020 (supersuperagency.com)
2 points by slavicax 16 hours ago | discuss
Ask HN: Are SDETs at your company able to transition to dev?
1 point by trexian 16 hours ago | discuss

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