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Nice post and especially your blog post "gitwikxiv". So many models & projects are already out there: PaperBricks, http://knowen.org/, https://www.authorea.com/, https://casetext.com/, https://www.sharelatex.com/, https://selectedpapers.net/, http://stacks.math.columbia.edu/, https://www.codalab.org/, https://pubpeer.com/, http://thinklab.com/publications

With GitXiv as one commenter also implied we really want to focus on building a bridge between the 2 core issues of making real research possible/replicatable: articles & code (of course with the 3th even more difficult problem to solve being "data"), as well as building a community around it. Another point of focus is making everything what goes on with GitXiv as transparent as possible, ie by having public "issues" at github (https://github.com/samim23/GitXiv/issues), and open discussions at our wiki: https://github.com/samim23/GitXiv/wiki/Thoughts-on-GitXiv

Jess: Let's have a hangout for sure!

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