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FarmLogs (YC W12) • Ann Arbor, MI • Onsite/Full-Time • https://farmlogs.com/

We build software to help farmers grow more with less.

We're hiring for:

- Product & marketing

- Data Science / Research – Are you easily excited by nitrogen levels and cloud detection algorithms?

- Devops – Consul, Containers, VPC's and CI oh-my!

- Backend – Our modular infrastructure (runs-on (and :clojure :python))

- Front-end – Our front-end team loves React, D3 and CoffeeScript

- iOS – Swift and ReactiveCocoa sound fun?

We're also hardware hackers! We've created a really neat device that collects ISOBUS data from tractors and farm equipment and buzzes it back to us over a cellular network.

Come take a look! https://farmlogs.com/jobs

Out of curiosity, are there any opportunities for us developers who also farm? Notably with respect to the location and schedule constraints. I'm very interested in what you guys are doing, but wish to continue farming as well.

It would certainly be worth a conversation. Shoot me an email and we can connect.

So, I saw this position last month as well. Was wondering if I was late. Applied this time around.

hi do you consider people living abroad?

The logistics have to make sense, but we are always open to a conversation. Feel free to email us at jobs@farmlogs.com.

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