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Are You a Human | http://areyouahuman.com | REMOTE maybe | Detroit, MI USA

Looking for Data Scientists, Front-End and Back-End Engineers

We’re dedicated to making the digital world better for real humans. Automated programs, called bots, account for 61% of overall internet traffic today — and as the world becomes more digital, this will only increase. Ultimately, bots make it more difficult for real humans to get what they need from the Internet, and more difficult for companies who serve humans to provide high quality content and services cost-effectively. We find and verify humans by analyzing natural user behavior across millions of websites.

All humans interested in joining the team, please visit http://areyouahuman.com/careers to apply.


I work here as a data scientist, and the central task of verifying humans opens up a fun bag of machine learning and engineering challenges. It's also an amicable, smart group of humans to work with.

Location: Brazil, São Paulo

Technologies: Javascript, nodejs, angularjs, backbonejs, css3, sass, less, stylus, html5, PageSpeed, mongoDB, mysql, SQL Server, python, php


My name is Allan Esquina, I'm a web developer focusing on performance and automation. I've been studying new technologies everyday. Nowadays, I'm the maintainer of JavaScript: The Right Way (https://github.com/braziljs/js-the-right-way) and owner of the RincoJS organization (https://github.com/rincojs/), both open source projects. I've been working on a static site generator called Rinco SG as well. Looking forward for a remote opportunity.


Github: https://github.com/allanesquina

Codepen.io: http://codepen.io/allanesquina/

Linkedin: https://br.linkedin.com/in/allanesquina


RincoSG: https://github.com/rincojs/rinco-staticgen

Js The Right Way: http://www.jstherightway.org/

Email: allan.esquina@gmail.com

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