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Some links that have been posted to reddit, but it can't see:





(If you search reddit for any of these URLs it goes straight to where they have been posted.)

Thanks. Maybe reddit's API filters out some results that have zero comments. I looked for an attribute in their API that would ask for all results but couldn't find anything. Also - I'd like to inspect Reddit Check's code but can't find an open-source repo https://www.reddit.com/dev/api#GET_search

I looked at Reddit Check's background page and checked the network requests it was sending. It sends a request like this:


Weirdly it seems to send the same request several times. And it should also use an &limit=100, so it gets 100 results instead of 25.

These links turned out to be extremely valuable feedback. Reddit's response is formed differently for them (as opposed to what it gives 95% of the time). I'll have an update very soon. [Update: new version has pushed to Chrome -- Kiwi should be processing all Reddit results now. Firefox update will be pushed tonight.]

Thank you so much for the fast response. I can't edit my comment now, but I will change my review in the chrome store.

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