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No, you just can't recognize that systemd is objectively and clearly superior to every other Linux init system by just about every measure. In fact, systemd is revolutionary in it's own right and that's why it is hated so much. People who actually design operating systems — as opposed to basement-dwelling traditionalists — have expressed admiration for it. Haiku are doing their own systemd inspired init system. And there's been FreeBSD developers talking of doing their own as well. Supposing you're the idiot who wrote that article you linked, the whole "I take no sides" thing is called the middle ground fallacy. Ironic that you should speak of "ape brain" when you either endorse or perhaps wrote such an article.


Oh, and speaking of self-control, aren't you the idiot who couldn't resist replying to my obviously satyrical comment in the first place?

Actually, Haiku's init is more inspired by launchd than anything, which predates systemd by some 5 years. If you actually read about Haiku's scheme, you'd see the semantics have little in common. FreeBSD is thinking of adopting, again, launchd. So far this is only in experimental feature branches and from my knowledge it will initially be tested on FreeNAS before it makes it to FreeBSD, specifically.

systemd has plenty of good ideas. None are novel, and it is not "revolutionary". Making exaggerations like this only furthers the perception of your incredulity. Preopening sockets is an old idea, having centralized service management for Unix was first done by IBM AIX in 1993 and everything else is exploiting kernel subsystems, which again, are not novel. cgroups were first done as Solaris contracts, for instance. In fact, Solaris SMF and systemd are quite similar. The former even has sophisticated hardware fault detection.

No argument to moderation was ever made. Your reading comprehension is not in good shape. "People who actually design operating systems" are not some hivemind, and you're far too historically and technically illiterate to make any value judgment on that front, either way.

obviously satyrical comment

Ah yes, the old "Joke's on you, I was only pretending to be an idiot!" defense. Always useful for backpedaling.

Satyrical [sic], indeed.

That's all from me. I might quote you in the future as an example of a cautionary tale.

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