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Gavan's work is outstanding to say the least, I haven't felt like such a fanboy in a very long time. Every time an update is posted, I'm on the edge of my seat waiting to hear/see more.

Some people here and other places have noted that it is hard to get excited without an actual gameplay, but for me the gameplay, while a very interesting and essential point for the final product, is almost secondary. Just looking at all the ideas people have come up with around the engine is quite telling.

People are being excited, curious, creative, collaborative and kind about the whole project. Gavan's doing an amazing job at being transparent and honest, while patiently listening and responding to people. Even if these are the only things that ever come out of Voxel Quest (though I'm sure that won't be the case :) ), I'd say that's already a great achievement.

Thanks, I am honored :)

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