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The article is a little overenthusiastic, but it did strike me while this was happening that something new was going on. I'm very familiar with the model in which changes to a web app get pushed out quickly. But this felt different because (a) it was the result of a conversation with the users while they were using the site, and (b) I typed the changes into the repl of the running server, iterating through design options (and debugging) on the fly. These changes are still not released; if the server crashed and restarted, they'd disappear. (I saved them to a file on my development machine, and the server crashes rarely enough that I'll almost certainly release the latest version before that happens.)

It's probably the REPL part that's the most interesting from a coder perspective. For most languages you'd at least have to reload parts of the application to get this to happen.

Of course it was overenthusiastic - that was so people would read it! I used three key attention getters just in the title so more people would take a look:

1) "capital A" Agile (even though it wasn't really about that) 2) reference Paul Graham (always a lightning rod :) 3) Ask a challenge question "Are you this [positive adjective]?"

Wow, people really don't like attention getting headlines.

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