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>Arguably the isometric rendering looked the best of all the methods

I disagree just based on the few screenshots here. The isometric looks so generic. The latest version almost looks like a 3DS game (especially with the draw distance), but at least it has some character. The isometric screenshot looks like an iPhone RPG that I would see in ads but never actually play.

But I love that look, I actually want to see videos of the first revision

You can find videos here: http://www.voxelquest.com/videos.html (scroll down)


That's actually not an entirely uncommon reaction - some people loved the iso mode, other people thought it looked too much like a F2P game. :)

I'm among those that loved it. It had a really endearing charm to me which the newer methods haven't entirely captured. But that's outweighed by my excitement at what the newer methods have made possible. :)

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