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That draw distance is giving me Superman 64 flashbacks...

In all seriousness. Voxel tech is awesome and I can't wait to see some games implement it fully.

Haha - yeah it is pretty poor but I will fix it up a bit soon. I did get farther distances working "ok" but still need to work on optimizing it to load in data without lagging. Here is one shot with a farther view distance: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CJ83yn7UcAATnkU.png:large

For your first game, you'll probably want to pick a topic that either is not hindered by the draw distance or is even helped by it. Like the way the early Silent Hill games used the limited draw distance to create a spooky foggy town setting.

Also, Daggerfall had a fairly limited draw distance IIRC, which I didn't mind when I played it.

Nice, reminds me of Ogre Battle (but without fixed perspective).

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