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I'll bet everything in my pocket that Windows 10 does not keylog every stroke and send it back to Microsoft servers for storage.

It's intellectually dishonest to think that's what s going on, because it ruins the conversation about what they're actually doing.

Whether they don't right this second doesn't matter. Their terms of service say they can. If they decided it was unthinkable that they would ever do this, they could have written their TOS to be less overreaching. But they didn't do that. Therefore they think it's a possibility (if in fact they are not already doing it. Are you so sure? How do you know?)

They also didn't specifically preclude the possibility of commandeering my computer by pushing an update that'll force me to mine bitcoin for them, but I can be pretty damn sure that's not going to happen.

But let me rephrase anyway: I'll bet everything in my pocket that Windows 10 does not, nor will they ever, keylog every stroke and send it back to Microsoft servers for storage.

I can be sure of this the same way I'm sure about many other things I have no definite proof of -- I see nothing remotely resembling evidence that this might take place.

Windows 10's Term & Condition is wide enough to encompass what ever MSFT might come up in the future to track and catalog you as a good, willing, consumer. MSFT has stated that Windows 10 should be the last version of the OS in the current retail format, and therefore, technically, any update/upgrade will still be considered as Windows 10.

MSFT might not want to log everything you write on their OS, but who knows what they will deemed acceptable tomorrow under the same EULA?

The license agreement should be set up such that installing a bitcoin miner is not allowed despite not being explicitly mentioned. Same for key logging.

Companies need to get out of the habit of writing terms of service that permit the world.

> I'll bet everything in my pocket

and as we don't know what is in your pocket, the bet is off. :)

Why are you so sure about that? And what do you think they're actually doing? I'm not privy to any inside information or anything, but that screenshot seemed to be saying they are; I don't see why they would say so if they're actually not. If they were doing something less extreme, why wouldn't they say that instead?

There's a ton of fear-mongering going on in these comments. It's depressing.

there is a lot of pissed off people who are seeing their desktop/notebook OS of choice (for whatever reasons, be it work, gaming etc.) fall into same old bullsh*t category that scumbags from Apple and Google went into (yes, privacy stuff, nothing more, nothing less). by having these on by default, or not changeable in simpler versions of OS at all, effectively most of the planet will get surveillance build in.

Err, no, thank you. Every single system/cloud is hackable, and given enough time, it will get hacked. I think plenty of proofs around us. Tell me, why should I be OK with this? I don't want their tiny functional enhancements for this price. In fact, i don't want them at all. I am never commanding my computer by voice, as is neither 99% of computer users (not only because english isn't their native language), and I see nothing cool nor interesting in it (just one example out of many).

personally, sticking to Win 7 till games will work on them. and if i move, i am pretty sure there will be completely disconnected offline cracked version, if the rest of the system will actually be worth it.

i had the impression lately Microsoft is doing some properly good stuff, but this showed that no, they are just same scumbags as they were 20 years ago, when they gave many people plenty of reasons to hate them. Methods and situations changed a bit, not so much questionable morals.

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