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Let's not miss the critical "take away" message of this article...

Often, it's NOT the capabilities of the app that are the most important thing, it's the ABILITY TO CHANGE those capabilities quickly that matters most.

I've seen this over and over and over again in businesses. When the app (often packaged) is missing a certain feature or capability, the organization will always find a way around it: a satellite app, an excel spreadsheet, pencil and paper, even hiring a few extra clerks. But what really drives them nuts is when the business has a new critical requirement and the software can't be changed in time to meet it.

The examples are endless: we're running a special sale, we have a new temporary warehouse, the accountants insist on special security for certain classes of workers, Joe just found out that <abc> has happened in Duluth - if we knew <def> by 3:00, we could do <ghi>.

I know many business people that will only buy packaged software with source code. They will not pay maintenance, and use the money instead to hire their own programmers. It's THAT IMPORTANT that the software can "turn on a dime" to satisfy rapidly changing business requirements.

Bravo, pg, for doing something (however apparently minor) to bring this issue front and center where it belongs.

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