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Windows 10 by default uses your bandwidth to send updates to other people
24 points by dangero on July 30, 2015 | hide | past | favorite | 7 comments
I just installed Windows 10 and discovered this screen by accident: http://imgur.com/HqfGoPl I somehow feel like a social contract between me and my operating system was broken here. If an app does this it feels different because I can close the app, but an operating system by default? What if I was on a metered connection?

This has the potential to speed up updates within a company's internal network. Unless you configure WSUS, your external link could get seriously compromised if all PCs tried to update at the same time.

Conversely this has the potential to put a constant drain on your company's external link.

The lan part makes perfect sense, but the default is to send updates to everyone in the world, not just your lan.

If you were on a metered connection, it wouldn't use that connection to update, but you have to define a connection as metered, also how does this surprise people its been there for months in the insider preview

I didn't use the preview (like most people) and again, it never prompted me to make me aware of this.

This is a really bad and (incorrectly even!) condescending reply.

Do you think other non-tech guys understand this and going to dive into settings in order to make it work properly?

I was using the preview for months and did a clean install for the RTM.

I didn't check this until now, because I'm almost certain it defaulted to local-only when I was in the preview.

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