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Scheme in a Grid (2000) (siag.nu)
57 points by brudgers on July 29, 2015 | hide | past | web | favorite | 6 comments

The one shot http sharing is very interesting:


Well the argument is pretty solid, however the last time I heard FLOSS Weekly, LibreOffice developers mentioned building document sharing over XMPP relay. That sounded amazing, and a pretty interesting modern analog.


Still, siag is amazing in how far ahead it was/is. Gzip archives make it seem like development slowed to a standstill in 2010.

I gotta say, for all the talk I heard of the years about Scheme not realizing anything practical, this seems insane to me.

I am definitely checking the code out over the next few months during my down time.

the source code link seems to be down :( i remember being pretty impressed by how clean and readable the c code was.

This link from the Siag.nu homepage was up:


thanks! the code still looks pretty nice to me; i'd have no complaints if this were legacy code i'd inherited on a job, e.g.

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