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I'm in the EU so I suspect it maybe a little easier to pickup a Xiami phone. 3100mAh is pretty impressive by the sounds of things, so as long as the power consumption hasn't scaled similarly that could be an interesting option. I'll check it out!

Watch out not to get the Mi 4 by accident. The Mi4i was launched this year and was basically designed to be a "premium smartphone at emerging markets prices" whereas the Mi 4 is the "China flagship", whose design is a stretched iPhone 5S (you might like that though) just like the Samsung Alpha. It's a lot more expensive and as far as I'm concerned unjustifiably so. i stands for "international".

I don't think the power consumption is as smart as the N5; it def drains about the same in airplane mode as not in airplane mode, whilst the N5 basically became as good as switched off. On the upside power management seems much better when it comes to dealing with networks; maybe I was on the wrong frequency bands. The N5 battery was shockingly bad; after a year and a half I was getting barely 1.5 hours of use out of the thing. Great when you're stranded in Tokyo and relying on Google Maps and Translate...

FWIW my iPhone 4 from years ago is still the most durable phone I've owned. I still get a good 3 days battery out of it (it's our guest phone) and it can go weeks on airplane mode in the drawer. But when you've tasted a 5" screen and multitasking, it really is too little...

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