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In all of the comments, I see a lot of excitement about the "features" the company is able to pack for a "low" cost.

I would like to say this in simplest possible way

-- One plus one support model and execution is poorest of all phone makers --

The emphasis and culture in the company is to grow fast without concern towards individuals paying still very high prices for their phones but not getting the worth. The half life of the phone is lower than market and people do face issues when the OS changes are pushed without a good amount of testing.

One plus one forums are inundated with people all over the world having hardware issues and the insufficient support they have been receiving. The founder Carl Pei has made commitments to improve support however the progress has fallen short on promises.

One Plus One ended up being a huge lesson for many customers. One plus two would just end up being another phone without company getting its act together.

Sounds like a Nexus by Google, so ...

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