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When mobile OS gets good enough to export HDMI (and a docking bay) and use it as a desktop-type replacement, then I'll want a more badass phone. Unfortunately the thing I care about the most (slow-motion / high frame rate video recording) isn't being pushed by anyone but Apple, which means the current 120/240 FPS sensors that Apple uses will be the peak of technology. Very disappointed Android or others didn't push this; it has implications for machine vision and other externalities that make the price of some of the most interesting tech (high sampling rate video for computer vision and other related industries).

Oh well.

This maybe shows why these manufacturers are having a tough time pleasing us all - you and I have substantially different use cases for our phones! I like having a nice-ish camera that behaves well in lower light situations, but that's it as far as the camera goes. The high frame-rate functionality just isn't something I've ever used or needed. I have seen a few videos of people playing "catch" with slightly clumsy\not-so-bright dogs, which in slow motion is pretty hilarious and I'm thinking of getting a dog soon so this may change :)

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