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Give me a 4.5-inch phone with slightly lower specs (a battery-saving 720p screen would be enough at that size) for less than $300, and I'm sold.

For the time being, though, I'm going to wait out the "my phone is bigger than your dick" game that everyone and their dog seems to be engaged in. 175 grams is way too heavy to carry around in a pocket, let alone hold with one hand for more than a few minutes. And yet everyone competes in the already overcrowded "flagship" market instead of trying to find a niche.

I hope at least some manufactorers will return to their senses before my 4.27-inch, 107-gram Galaxy S4 Mini begins to feel unbearably slow.

You could pick up the Nexus 5. I switched to OPO from Nexus 5 and it had the perfect dimensions. Lightweight and great for one-hand usage. The battery is a bummer though.

The maximum screen size I'm looking for is 4.5 inches, maybe 4.7 if the bezel is very thin. Maximum weight: around 120 grams.

The Nexus 5 is bigger and heavier than that, but I'm keeping it near the edge of my radar in case I have no other choice.

<rant> LG recently began to market the Gram, a series of high-end ultrabooks that weigh less than 1000 grams. Why on Earth is nobody trying to market medium-to-high-end phones that weigh less than 100 grams? </rant>

Sony z3 compact is the one you're looking for. Sadly it's one of the dying breed of non huge phones with flagship specs and good software (just don't upgrade to Lollipop, it's junk).

4.6 inches and 129 grams! We're getting closer...

As for the software, I don't really care as long as I can wipe it and replace it with Cyanogenmod. Just checked and it seems that Cyanogenmod supports the Z3 Compact. Thanks for the suggestion.

Caution with unlocking the device, when you do, you loose the proprietary DRM data for the camera and picture optimization by Sony and the quality drops massively. You can't regain them (or at least this wasn't the case a year ago). So do some research on this before, not sure if this can be avoided now.

Sign me up for that. Give me more battery and less screen ; we have voice commands now. also make it as rugged as possible. i hate using cases or being too careful with my phone.

Sony has some decent options. I just switched to 'stupid' Nokia.

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