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AWS is a giant construction store like Home Depot, where you can find everything. Rackspace is local home improvement shop, with good service, which was doing fine until Home Depot build it's store nearby. Now people have less and less reasons to visit it. Some folks like it for the old times sake, though. DigitalOcean is your buddy who works at "Hammer&Nails Manufacturing Inc.", he can get you nice hammers and nails pretty cheap if you ask him, but not much else.

That's how I see it :)

What do you do with your analogy now that Rackspace offers official support for helping you with your AWS and Azure deployments? Are the general contractors who started the local hardware store now also working a side job at Home Depot? ;)

Local shop owner offers consulting service - go with you to the Home Depot and help you find right things for your project (and hoping next time you'll go the his shop, after you see how good he is) :)

RAX only offers support for Azure, not AWS...

Except that Rackspace revenue is still growing steadily year over year at a solid pace, so clearly not everyone agree with the "less and less reasons to visit it"

I think they are growing much slower than the industry and competition from AWS makes their margin razor thin. Latest quarter report shows that revenue growth was only 1.6% over previous quarter and profit margin of 0.6%, and their shares are down more than 60% since 2013 maximum (on the growing market). So, overall it doesn't look very good.

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