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Evolt.org Browser Archive (evolt.org)
19 points by sb057 on July 26, 2015 | hide | past | favorite | 5 comments

I was one of the founding members of evolt.org, which came about after members of Wired's (?) Monkeyjunkies mailing list grew frustrated with the maintainer's disinterest in the community.

For all its organisational flaws evolt.org was a really supportive place to learn and share in many of my formative professional years. It's been a long time since I was last formally involved, but I've stayed in touch with a few of the other founding members and visited some overseas (in Scotland, India, Chile, the US).

As noted on the page, the browser archive was the work of Adrian Roselli who lives up near Buffalo, NY I think. From memory, he started collecting them without any real plan to keep them online. However, with time so many of them were lost from their original hosting spots and so the archive was brought online.

Noticed that the first web browser I installed on my Windows machine isn't there. To my surprise, the original web page (from 1999) for that browser is up at http://www.chameleonbrowser.com/. I might have installed the browser in 1997 or so.

Disappointed it's missing the crappy-even-for-its-time browser apparently handcoded for The Pipeline, an early 90s ISP in NYC. Wonder if I could find a floppy disk with it somewhere.


It seems that their archive is still being compiled. For example Opera presto releases are not there yet.

In any case it seems to be a good download source when dealing with older systems.

Nice collection, missing Dillo.

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