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> and will make its API source code, the settlement agreement, and other legal filings and public policy resources available.

This is interesging to me. A couple years ago being young and naive i received a cease and desist order from craigslist legal team demanding i remove my craigslist scraper from github. It was largely a toy project to play around with an html parser library i wanted to learn anx thought it could be useful. Of course I now understand it was against their tos and from an ethical standpoint, avoid scraping anything unless getting permission, but at the time I was terrified I'd be sued for a ton of money. It felt incredibly aggressive to go after me , a student at the time.

So I'm curious.. is it illegal to scrape but ok to release the source code? Where is the line drawn?

That's why I would be tempted to create a craigslist competitor with really free access to the data.

Network effects: it's difficult to dislodge an entrenched competitor once they've accumulated a large enough dependent userbase.

However, a number of other services are chipping away at Craigslist, developing their own userbases in niches that Craigslist used to occupy. (e.g. Tinder)

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