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Economic inequality is a hot topic right now. Employers knowing everyone's salaries, but not the employees, puts the employees at a disadvantage when negotiating salary.

One option would be to require all companies to publish employees salaries. Would this requirement be more or less onerous than other options?

One argument is that it hurts businesses - but if every business is required to do it, then it is an even playing field. Obviously that cannot happen in an international business setting - so would it put the countries that implement it at a disadvantage, or would the economic gains outweigh the decrease in competitiveness?

Regulation like this would be absurd considering anyone can legally publish their salary publicly. Salaries are not public because employees want them not to be public.

I don't want lawmakers or trade unions undermining my right to privacy under some manipulative power-play guise of "fairness". We are all free to make our salaries public, if we think it is in our best interest to do so, let's talk about and focus on that and not be so naive as to believe regulations will magically solve a cultural issue.

In the USA, outside of California and possibly a few other states, it isn't clear this is legal. Employers may be able to prohibit employees from publishing their salaries, although they can't prohibit employees from discussing compensation with each other.

Okay. This is a good data point and where I think we culturally and legally should be focusing our attention; laws should be passed to expand employee liberties and ensure the right to disclose wages for a specific class of employees before considering laws to regulate and encumber businesses.

You say that, but I've received offer letters where I was expected to keep my salary secret. Companies are demonstrably interested in suppressing such information.

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