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I would expect the communication to be encrypted, or is it supposed to be open to the outside world?

I think weather satellites were meant to be useful to everyone who could receive the signal.

Especially for marine traffic.

WeatherFax has been used for decades now.

This, however, wouldn't be of much use in a regular cruiser as you do not want to keep your laptop constantly to wait for broadcast. Dedicated devices are quite cheap and reliable.

I think most people are doing this for fun. But if you needed it and couldn't get your hands on the real thing, adding an Rpi and a screen to it makes a functional substitute.

Higher quality images are encrypted, but the basic stuff is open.

There are actually several vastly higher res weather broadcasts that are in the clear - they are just more work to receive. Search for LRPT and HRPT.

True, I was only thinking about the NOAA satellites used in the article.

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