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Switching a static blog to OpenBSD's new httpd server (tribaal.io)
11 points by tribaal on July 24, 2015 | hide | past | favorite | 3 comments

Thanks for the article, I'm about to update my OpenBSD server and switch from nginx myself.

Seems like you forgot to redirect www or non-www: you have both serving the site, search engines don't like duplicate content like that.

Thanks, that's a good point. Fixed.

I intend to write a follow-up article on how to keep you system up-to-date since that is a little different than linux, too.

EDIT: Actually, I can reach www and non-www for both http and https and it seems to redirect properly. What exactly did you mean?

From a search engines point of view these are two sites with same content: https://www.tribaal.io/ and https://tribaal.io/

One should redirect to the other.

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