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Zeplin (YC S15) launches to improve designer and developer collaboration (venturebeat.com)
28 points by katm on July 20, 2015 | hide | past | favorite | 6 comments

Hey folks! I'm Berk, one of the co-founders. With Zeplin, we’re actually scratching our own itch, working for a world where designers and developers can collaborate with maximum efficiency.

We've just released 1.0, with a brand new UI and the long-awaited asset export feature. We'd love to hear your feedback and answer any questions!

How does this benefit me after the initial MVP build? Most of my time in conversation with Designers is spent guiding them back to the same set of reusable components, reminding them we already have a way of doing X, and should be as consistent as possible.

We feel the same way and actually started doing this with colors. There's a guideline section in the app where designers create a color palette, define all the colors that they'll be using. This way, when you're looking at the designs, you can instantly see if there's a color that is not defined in the palette.

We've heard back from a lot of designers using Zeplin saying that they're now more cautious about which colors they use. We're now working on a similar feature for reusable UI components.

Worked with them before, really nice bunch of people and a cool project that solves a true pain point.

Best of luck!


Zeplin currently only supports Sketch as a design tool, which is also Mac only. Using our Mac app (and our Sketch plugin) designers upload the designs. We also have a web app (for developers not using Macs), where you can access the uploaded designs: app.zeplin.io

I am using Zeplin for months and it is just awesome!

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