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Well, with a name like that, I would naturally assume they are using super capacitors instead of lithium chemistry batteries. This would make sense if there was a challenge (or high cost) to getting sufficient current out of the cells-- but Tesla's acceleration capabilities are about the max you could want to safely put into a passenger car I think.

Or maybe they just took the name cause it's associated with electricity.

In that case, I think "Faraday" would be a much better name. Adding "Future" to it makes it sound like it's a fictional high tech company from the 1950s. Feels retro.

They should have called themselves 'Edison'. Bring back a bit of the old rivalry.

Would it end up acquiring Tesla and bankrupting it?

Already exists: http://www.edison2.com/

Too obvious maybe. Anyway, electrocuting elephants has been done before. Maybe this time create a sexy start-up, grab hype then flame out spectacularly. Just the thing to FUD a nascent EV industry.

Existing battery's energy density is already a long obstacle to prevent us from making lighter smaller EVs. And super capacitors energy densities are even lower[1]! Now with new materials like graphene or carbon nanotubes are promising, but they are definitely not ready for primetime in 2017 [2]!

[1] http://my.teslamotors.com/fr_CA/forum/forums/use-battery-pac... [2] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Supercapacitor

With capacitors you can also get the charge into the cells a lot faster, possibly. Also there are issues of energy density, overall weight, etc.

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