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on Dec 11, 2009 | hide | past | favorite

Hey folks - as people have pointed out, this is actually just a hoax. Facebook is not launching a "Pro" version.

This blog's author has a page at http://cd34.com/facebook/ which explains that the idea is a joke to get media attention: "Please set your profile picture active prior to 9am EST December 11th so that I can do a quick check and submit the article to the 'news media'."

For information about Facebook product launches, you can follow our official blog at http://blog.facebook.com/.


Facebook Security

These all look like scam accounts. (The poster of this article and every commenter on this page).

Also note how shitty the "upgrade to facebook pro" image is. There's no way that Facebook would release something like that.

Judging by the number of people here who've noticed it in their friends I'd say it's probably due to malware.

Take a look at the font of "facebook" in the images and compare with the header bar - 2 distinctly different fonts.

Edit: Also notice that all of the accounts reporting seeing it on their friends are brand new users.

It's way too easy to coordinate something like this.

This is a scam. I've just sent it to our internal review committee, but I'm guessing they're already aware of it and taking steps to shut it down.

I noticed it as well... questioned the one guy, he said he was in a beta.



I thought it was just me, I found these as well



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