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Show HN: Q.uiz.me – Learning resource aimed towards primary school aged children (uiz.me)
11 points by thejfraser on July 16, 2015 | hide | past | web | favorite | 12 comments

There are a couple of things you could consider around submitting question series that could make it perfect for teacher lead quizes in class, too - happy to help with a few ideas if you were looking on expanding in that direction.

hey i was aiming towards the class room as well as a study aid

hmm part of this got lost!

I'm aiming for this to be used as a study aid with possible classroom aspects, so always looking for feedback, especially from teachers / other educators :)

is there a good way to contact you? I couldn't find anything on the website.

you can contact me at feedback [at] jamiefraser [dot] co [.] uk. thanks :)

Q: What is the french word for color Yellow?

A: Juane

It should be Jaune, just a small typo.

Fixed, thanks for pointing it out :)

That's really nice! Do you plan to support translations, and if so how could people contribute submitting them?

thoughts / comments / improvement suggestions welcome

as well as topics and categories for questions

The different games are very clean and function as I would have imagined. Nice job! Can you describe your tech stack?

theres not much to it really, a jquery powered script onto a static html page, backed by a PHP api to load questions, coloured in by Materialize CSS to make it look nice. server site there's really nothing to it, just a linux, nginx, mysql php setup :)

Interesting, my startup has the same name (with another domain)

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