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Wagtail 1.0 – a milestone release for our Django CMS (wagtail.io)
85 points by tomd on July 16, 2015 | hide | past | favorite | 12 comments

I'm the CTO at Torchbox, the agency behind Wagtail. We're really happy with this release, particularly StreamField, which opens up a new way of building rich pages without sacrificing reusability - check out the video at https://youtu.be/oUJNweMWwVQ

I'll do my best to answer any questions here.

Looks great! Much more client friendly than FeinCMS (which is also awesome).

How do you add traditional django apps to the admin? e.g. To get list view and edit forms for regular objects (like you have under "settings" in the admin for Users).

Apologies if it's in the docs but I couldn't see it.

Congrats on the milestone!

Thank you, ra!

Have a look at the register_admin_menu_item hook - http://docs.wagtail.io/en/v1.0/reference/hooks.html#register...

https://groups.google.com/d/msg/wagtail/gootoMvXV8s/yxebbY1Z... has a working example.

Cheers, Dan

The missing CMS built with python/django. We use in our agency for a lot of projects, including high profile brands.

- nice UI/UX - nice features (revisions, preview, choosers) - pages are easy to extend - custom apps can be integrated easily by using admin hooks - good code and documentation

Recently started on a complex project, and we are using some ideas from Wagtail :)

I've been using Django/Wagtail for over a year now and it's been nothing but improvement after improvement. I'm extremeky excited for this release, a major step in Wagtail's bright future. Thanks for this great CMS Torchbox and keep up the great work!

Looks great! I especially love that the concept you are calling StreamFields is finding its way to more and more CMS's (Concrete5 and Perch call them "Blocks", ExpressionEngine and Craft call them "Matrix Fields", and Advanced Custom Fields for Wordpress calls them "Flexible Content Fields"). It's really a great balance between giving site owners the ability to manage rich content on a page while also giving designers the ability to ensure that content sticks to the site's overall design.

I'm in the middle of my second big Wagtail project. Version 1.0 has fixed nearly all of the shortcomings I ran into during my experience with 0.8.x. The new API, the StreamField...such an awesome release. The only gripe I now have is that hallo.js is still being used for the RichText editor. Congratulations to the Wagtail team!

Thanks, Ryan! Check out this exciting PR which landed a few hours ago:


This allows Wagtail users to swap in alternative rich text editors, e.g. https://github.com/isotoma/wagtailtinymce

Very excited about Streamfield - it seems like there might be some subtle complications around 'schema' changes but all up it's awesome to have content in a machine readable and meaningful format.

We've been developing client sites using Wagtail for a few months and are extremely impressed by both its versatility and user-friendliness. Very pleased to see it hit 1.0 and I hope momentum continues.

@revsys we've been using Wagtail quite a bit on sites and it's been a dream. StreamField completes the picture and am so excited it's finally reaching 1.0 status! Thanks so much Torchbox!

It is a great CMS: The perfect ratio of being configurable while also making certain things easier to do.

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