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Infiniverse (infiniverse-game.com)
108 points by dgellow on July 12, 2015 | hide | past | favorite | 38 comments

Ok from the info in this thread and my own gameplay I've made this short guide:

Press [F1] to see the explanation of the controls in game. Most controls have an "energy cost". Energy is required to do anything.

[Arrow keys] to move, hold [Shift] to move several tiles at a time. Press [Enter] to descend in to the local area you are on (if possible). [Backspace] to go back out. The furthest you can "zoom out" is the super-galactic view (where you can clearly see the spiral shape), the closest is the planetary view (where you see 'o' for rocks).

You can press [Tab] to "scan" for objects. This is most useful in a planetary system, as it will show you where planets and space stations are. It is also useful for the super-solar view, where it will tell you the closest npc ships are. You can press [S] to toggle scan mode, but that isn't actually useful.

You can launch [M]issiles after scanning in a view. This lets you combat npc ships. You'll need a few to take them down.

With the [E]nergy Converter you can convert certain resources directly into energy. With the Mass [F]abricator you can create certain tools from energy.

You can [D]eploy a navbeacon, which basically creates a checkpoint you can teleport to. Press [G] and select a navbeacon to teleport to it.

For controls with a "Choose BLAH" you can press the control again and it will close the menu.

Interaction with space stations is: you step on the + or -, press [Space Bar] to do the corresponding trade (+ is buy, - is sell). I haven't found a way to interact with merchant ships yet (other than to blow them up).

The idea of the game is to explore the universe and get resources. On certain planets when you descend low enough you'll find resources which you can step on and press [Space Bar] to pick up. They go into your cargo, and you can sell it or convert it to energy. There are upgrades you can get for your ship to help your journey. I believe the point of the game is to explore, but there are currently not many incentives to continue exploring. There are rumors that you can win if you find a certain artifact. But good luck, there's billions of stars.

> I believe the point of the game is to explore,

I guess the goal of the game is to reach the X at the center of the galaxy, which requires enormous amounts of energy.

(If you can't find the X, it's because you're not at the highest level, press backspace until you see it)

This is correct. Spoiler: https://i.imgur.com/evnckgy.png

A tutorial would be great. Played three times and was destroyed in a matter of seconds without any idea of what I did wrong.

I agree.

I think if you're by a red thing, go away from it until its little red arrows disappear. You can shoot missiles at it by pressing Tab to scan then M to arm the missiles...

Very cool. I'm a big fan of rogue-likes, and have been thinking about something very similar to this for awhile (I guess I'll have to change my plans).

For those that missed it, there is a downloadable version as well: http://www.infiniverse-game.com/ (Interesting side note, the downloadable version was written in FreeBASIC.

A minor problem, in IE pressing F1 sends me to http://windows.microsoft.com/es-ar/internet-explorer/interne...

I would recommend not using IE.

Well, sure... but it happens in Chrome as well, at least on my H.P.

I like this idea

Really neat game, and I actually appreciate it when a JS game doesn't obfuscate it's code, partially for learning and partially for cheating. :D

I can't comment on the game because I won't have time to test it on my computer today (a summer Sunday is a little peculiar) but I recommend providing a tablet interface: the map at the top and buttons below it. There is plenty of space for them (pun intended). Check that they are arranged well in both 4:3 and 16:9 screens.

Reminiscent of one of my favorite games of all time: Starflight. I played it on a Sega Genesis when I was about 14 or 15. I had a huge collection of handwritten notes by the time I was done.

I think this is a great start.

Any guides? Where do I get hydrogen from?

I found hydrogen on gas giants. I found Radioactives on Terrestial planets on Mountains, but each of those only gives 2K energy so they're not all that much better than Hydrogen. Still looking for antimatter.

Antimatter is also only found on gas giants, it's just less common.

Anything to do other than shoot missiles, run away from hostile missiles, and search planets for resources?

If you reach the X at the center of the galaxy, you beat the game.

Trade, get resources, upgrade, fight bigger enemies. Then try to find the artefact, which I guess is on some random planet in the galaxy, so will take a communal effort (or, more specifically, fluke), since there appears to be millions of stars.

There are some goods you can find to buy with your initial money, though many (from what I've found) are too expensive.

How does one interact with merchants?

I don't think you can -- trade happens at Space Stations.

I'm not seeing anything in the code referring to an artifact...

The only win condition that I'm seeing is reaching the center of the galaxy.

Oh, sorry, I thought that was in the instructions to the game. My bad. The other stuff you can do though.

Like a minimalist mixture of the old DOS games Star Flight and Star Fleet. Brought back some nostalgia.

Perhaps a bug, but I found you can sell a seemingly unlimited amount of biomass.

A particularly profitable bug when one happens to visit those space stations that also sell antimatter. Deploy a navbeacon in the area, and unless I'm missing something (only played about twenty minutes so far, reader beware), the risk of depleting all one's energy should then be zero.

Confirmed here.

Reminds me a lot of Star Control 2, which had the added Melee mode for battles.

With the procedurally generated content, this game is a little bit more generic. It really misses on all the interesting story from SC2. But it's a good start, and if only they can figure out dynamic history generation...

Ah, got it: on Mac, press delete to go back up after descending.

This makes me think of http://www.asciisector.net/

But it is very cool to see an online version.

dear lord someone provide just a tiny bit of instructions...

<F1> is your friend ;-)

Cool, reminds me of EGATrek an old dos space sim based on the Star Trek text game. Was really into it as a kid. Thanks for this and the nostalgia.

This has potential. How do you buy from merchants?

How do I search the planet?

You don't. Just land somewhere and wander around. You'll see Metals / Radioactives sitting on the surface. Move over and press space to pick up.

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