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Show HN: HyREPL, Hylang nrepl server (github.com/foxboron)
46 points by Foxboron on July 11, 2015 | hide | past | favorite | 7 comments

Wow, this is pretty awesome! I really like the idea of tooling moving out of editors, into libraries that can then be easily integrate into automated tools (reformatting, type checking, scope info, etc.), and of course rendered in editor.

It also allows projects/languages like this to get a lot of benefit without boiling the ocean. A bit similar to Clojure's hosted-language approach in that regard.

Slightly off topic but I'm curious: anyone using Hy for actual projects? What is it like compared to working with normal Python?

I used Hy in a Django project to define the URLs. I was using some functions that added input checking, and I wanted to parse that and generate Javascript functions that would check the input in the client. Hy takes less effort to parse than Python (just call read).

I ended up never implementing it though.

We have a few people that have deployed Hy in production, not that we advice that as Hy is not really stable.

There are however a few projects here and there. https://github.com/trending?l=hy

This is soooooooo cool. I'm going to see whether this can be added to a long-running Python daemon for runtime inspection...

That shouldn't be a problem. Hy code can be imported to Python just like any other Python module.

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