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H&O Webspecialists | http://www.h-o.nl @ Amsterdam Area, NL

Magento Developer [Partly Onsite, partly remote]

We are a young, fast-growing, developer-driven startup which means that our driving forces are technology and the opninions of our developers. We strive to be the best technical partner in the field and to go beyond our competitors in technical depth.

We make user-friendly webshops which help companies increase their online sales and automate their processes. We have some big challenges coming up and we're looking for rockstar programmers to come and join our rockstar team to make sure we only deliver the highest quality possible. Check out our gitub for more on what we do and how we do it:


We will offer you anything you need, with the matching technical challenges to go with it.

If you believe this to be an interesting opportunity, or if you have any questions about our company or this position please let us now at: cedrique@h-o.nl.

Look here for our vacancies (in dutch): https://www.h-o.nl/vacature-php-developer


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