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Digital Carpenter [ http://www.digitalcarpenter.com.au/ ] | Sydney, Australia

Digital Carpenter is, at the moment, just me. I’m an experienced consultant, full-stack analyst/developer, and entrepreneur. I’ve been running the company since 2008, building products, advising clients and developing custom web applications. I’ve used freelancer and o-desk but now need a full-timer to help move the company in a new and greater direction.

About the job

* You will contribute to the concept, design and development of internal products and custom client applications.

* Write and maintain the front and back-end code for custom client Web Applications.

* Implement written processes to optimise performance.

* Work independently while staying within deadlines.

* Setup and maintain the servers that run the Web Applications.

* There is scope to learn new languages and platforms, and for the right candidate, become involved in all aspects of the client and product life cycle.

* Developing content managed sites using Drupal, including creating custom modules, themes etc.

* Annual salary of around $80k (inclusive of super)

* Full-time Sydney CBD based role. No remote available.

About you

* Enjoys programming and technology.

* Knows at least one back-end programming language really well. (Most new work will be in PHP using Laravel, but you need to be pragmatic about language use)

* Enjoys brainstorming solutions, drawing on whiteboards, discussing options, and understanding problems.

* You know your way around Linux, or are willing to learn.

* Know how to install and configure a database. PostgreSQL would be great.

* Use MVC frameworks, but could also build a site without one (or write their own basic one) if needed.

* Can design and build relational database schemas based on the description of an applications requirements.

* Use a front-end framework like Bootstrap.

* You're fluent in the latest versions of CSS, HTML, and JavaScript.

* Familiar with Git and GitHub

* Given a design guide, you could easily create a website that seamlessly matches.

* Keen to grow and learn more about business, products, marketing and sales.

* You hit the ground running when given a project code-base.

To apply, email jobs@<company domain name>. Please add a paragraph or so introducting yourself in the body of the email, and attach your CV.


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