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That's a fine example. It has dependencies, the dependencies change quickly, so the project needs updating.

Let me give a counter-example. PriorityQueue is a data structure implementation published as a Ruby gem in 2005: https://rubygems.org/gems/PriorityQueue/versions/0.1.2. It has not been updated since, because it doesn't need to be. It just works. (It could use better docs, but even that would be a one-time change.)

Similarly, I have a gem that helps build searches with ORMs - https://github.com/nathanl/searchlight. It doesn't directly depend on any ORM, just the "chained method calls to build queries" interface that they implement. That means I don't need to update it when ActiveRecord or Sequel or Mongoid gets a new feature. Which means I commit far less often. I consider it feature complete and only make bug fixes, which should eventually stop.

At that point, it may look abandoned, but it won't be. Just stable. Which I consider a good thing.

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